Describe a Water Sport You Want to Try in The Future

Describe a Water Sport You Want to Try in The Future

  • What is it?
  • Where will you do it?
  • Whether it is easy or difficult?
  • Why would you like to try it?

Sample: Describe a Water Sport You Want to Try in The Future

I am living in Gujarat State, despite its having many beach areas. In my state, I have never tried watersports, and I also want to try different kinds of watersports, but my priority is river rafting. Go the first pool in the summer, and I heard from my friend about this hotel’s sports watersport.

He had already gone three times to do these photo sports, and I was very excited after hearing from my friend about this sport. Because I love thrill sports, I am very excited to go there, and I also requested my friend to go with me to enjoy these photo boards.

We already planned where we could go to this photo sport and be in season, and the summer season is based on what I heard from my friend. We also do some practice near our area.

They teach people how to control the boat because eight people are required in this watersport, so they all need mutual understanding; after I read the online review, many people said that it is very tough and enjoyable.

My friend decided to do this sport because we have the same interest. My friend is also a thrilled person, so we love this time of folk sports, and we decided that after we get our desired band score in the IELTS exam, we will go for it to enjoy this sport next summer.

Follow-up Question: Describe a Water Sport You Want to Try in The Future

Question 1: Which is the most popular water sport in your country?

As I mentioned earlier, white water rafting is the most famous sport in our country because many people can play together in this sport, such as eight people, and with that, everyone can support each other. I can see why this sport is very famous in my country.

Question 2: Why do people like to do things near water?

Some people enjoy playing games around the water, such as water sports and at the beach. People love to go next, and some people who are very stressed at their offices like to take our sunbaths because it releases that stress. Some people are thrilled for other reasons, so they go to the water and do water sports like skipping water rafting.

Question 3: Do you think schools should teach students to swim, and why?

The schools need to teach students how to swim because there is no harm in that, and it will also be beneficial for them if the student has skill in swimming so he or she can make a career, as well, in some tsunami-like situations, they can survive their own.

Question 4: Are there many schools teaching swimming?

Unfortunately, in India, there were some low facilities for teaching swimming in the government schools around my time, and there needed to be a higher number of facilities for teaching. However, right now, there are many more facilities compared to our time, and some schools provide coaching in teaching swimming. Moreover, it is suitable for children.

Question 5: Do you think everyone must learn to swim?

It is not necessary, but by learning to swim, there is no harm to anyone. It will help to maintain physical fitness, and by doing that, you can release your stress. In commemorative situations, you can survive or be able to help others.

Question 6: Do you think the government should spend money on developing facilities for water sports?

Yes, the government should spend on developing some voter’s food, water, and sports facilities so that people can maintain their physical fitness, and with the revenue, it can help the economies of the country and people can enjoy.

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