Describe a Website Which Helped You to Do Something

Describe a website which helped you to do something/a website you visit often/ use.

  • Which site is it?
  • How did you know about it?
  • How did it help?
  • Why do you visit it often?

Sample 1 Describe a Website Which Helped You to Do Something

I am very addicted to the Internet, and I like to search for whatever I want to know in my daily life. Whenever I need detailed information about something that no one around me knows, I always turn to the Internet and search various websites to find the information.

One website that has helped me a lot over the last few months is an IELTS preparation site. The website name is I am currently preparing for my IELTS exam, and I needed some materials, so I searched various websites and downloaded them.

This website has provided me with materials related to the IELTS exam, such as listening, reading, writing, and speaking. I found out about this site because one of my friends suggested it, saying it was the best website for finding functional exam materials that could help increase my band score.

This website has provided me with writing feedback, which has helped me improve my writing style. They also point out the mistakes I made in previous tasks and suggest what I need to do to correct those mistakes.

I often visit this website to use these resources, which is the best platform for improving my English language skills. I am very grateful to the owner of this website.

Part 3 Questions Describe a Website Which Helped You to Do Something

Question 1:- Who in your family uses the site?

Answer –My brother, father, and I use different websites for our daily work in my family. My father uses websites like TCS, and my brother mostly uses websites such as Ojas and other business-related sites. I currently use various websites that provide IELTS exam materials, which have been helpful for my upcoming exam.

Question 2:- Can the Internet help children in their studies?

Answer –Nowadays, the Internet can help children in various ways. For example, they can watch YouTube videos related to their studies, search the Internet for information about their assignments and homework, and learn a lot about specific topics.

Question 3:- Will the Internet replace the teacher

Answer –In the future, it is possible that many teachers could be replaced by Internet resources, such as artificial intelligence robots because the Internet has abundant information while teachers have limited knowledge. That’s why many people prefer using the Internet rather than relying on teachers. Additionally, teachers require salaries, while artificial intelligence robots do not need to be paid.

Question 4:- Will downloading music or movies for free cause a problem?

Answer –If you do not cause for the general people but it will cause the makers who prepare music and make a movie because of this to create something to entertain people and use it as a business, and they need to want to earn some amount of money by selling that products but if it is free for people then they cannot get benefits out of it.

Question 5:- What are the reasons why people use the Internet?

Answer –Behind these Tera lot of reasons first and form house is that the Internet has a lot of information which people can know about worldwide in just a short period second day nowadays all the transactions of payments and businesses become online so they can run their businesses with the help of the Internet.

Question 6:- Some people say that different age groups have different tastes in internet content. What do you think?

Answer –Yes, this is truly different. Have a different test on the Internet. For example, children always like to watch cartoon videos and search for their studies-related tasks over the Internet. In contrast, young people mostly prefer to search some business-related and educational-related stars, like how to invest money in any particular company, and they also search for the background of any particular company.

Question 7:- What influence can (or does) the internet have on children?

Answer –Today, time youtube uses the most demanding for children to watch different learning videos or animations. Cartoon videos can also help children share their thoughts with everyone around the world, and some cartoons and cartoon movies in film children use this platform.

Question 8:- What kind of people don’t use the internet, and what are the disadvantages that those people suffer because they don’t use the internet?

Answer – In my point of you, most older people don’t use the Internet in their daily routine life and the main disadvantage is that they are unavailable to bold situations and what is happening around the world as well as they don’t have any information about the Internet and they also underwear about capacity or strength of the Internet that’s why to become online you get about the world.

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