Describe a young child you met cue card for IELTS speaking.

Describe a young child you met.  

You should say:

  • who the child is

  • how you know him/her

  • why you spent time with him/her

and explain what you did when you were together

Sample 1:-

Well, I have met with a plethora of juveniles who mesmerized me. But here I would like to talk about a kid named Gurnav, I call him Gunnu. I suggested his name Gurnav to his parents. Gurnav is my cousin brother. He is 4 years old but he is a very attentive child. I describe him briefly.

Gurnav is the son of my aunt named Harpreet who is my close friend also. He lives with his parents in a different city and they visit us almost once time each month. Gurnav is a school-going kid as well as he attracts everyone with his strange actions. Since his birth, he is a cute and adorable juvenile. I loved him so much due to my affection for him.

Usually, I go to his house twice a month to meet him. But in every meeting, I think that he has grown up more. He stayed at my home many times, I told him a number of bedtime stories. I like to carry him in my arms but he always wants to walk on his feet.

Often, we together go for a walk in the park. He likes to have ice-cream, chocolate, and chips. I love to play with him. At times, we both together play hide and seek. Moreover, he is good at studies. He is in a nursery class. His grasping power is very high because he easily catches every word. In his school, every teacher loves him because of his cuteness.

All in all, Gurnav is smaller than me in age but he attracts me most with his love towards me. He speaks very sweetly and patiently. Whenever I meet him, he rejuvenates my mind with happiness. Every time, I feel highly elated after meeting with him.

Sample 2:-

Well, There is a number of children that I met with and find so cute and amiable. But one of them I found so different from every child. I would like to talk about him briefly.

The name of this child was Arnavdeep Singh. He is my friend Kuldeep’s son. He was so amiable as I get attracted to him after seeing him for the first time. He was a fluffy kid who met me when I went to my friend’s house for some business reasons. He was playing in the porch.

When I entered his house, he said to me hello and touch my feet to give respect. I felt surprised to see this because no child has this kind of manners at such an early age. Until I stayed at my friend’s house. I noticed him. He was playing with his little guitar and singing a religious song.

I wasn’t able to understand his song clearly because he just started speaking some months before. But he was singing it in an awesome way. I felt so happy to see him because nowadays, it is a difficult task than all to handle children and give them good manners. But I never saw any bad quality in him. I stayed at approx. 4 hours at his home. He remained polite whole the time. I never saw this type of baby in my entire life. And I decided to give my children manners like him.

Sample 3:-

Well, I always prefer to spend time with children as well as, I also try new kids games. I remember, just last week I spent a lot of time with a child. In fact, she was my sister’s girl Priya. She is 6 years old now and, we spent time together when her parents had to go to a marriage party.

It was basically a babysitting mission. My sister called me on my cell phone as asked me to do it as well as, shared her problem. She told me that is night marriage party. Hopefully, that day was Sunday and I’m free from my work and studies also.

With it, I reached my sister house neatly at 6 pm. After it, I entered into Priya’s room. Firstly, we watched Princess Barbie movie on the tv as well as, we at popcorns with mango juice.

moreover, my sister also shared with me Priya likes to go outside in the evening then, we visited to park which is nearby where they live. She was really excited about going out.

Apparently, she loves going to this park with her parents so, I thought it would be a wonderful idea as well, there was a lot of kids when she saw the children then she became really happy as well as, I also tried rides with her. we played with sand and, we took a number of photos with kids and the nature of beauty. Nearly, we came back at 8:30 pm then, I prepared the food.

At last, my sister came back and, I also came back home but, that day was very precious for me because, that time my first day when I spent a lot of time and take care the kids. I never forget this moment for the rest of my life.



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