Describe an Activity You Enjoying Doing when You Alone

Describe an activity you enjoy doing when you alone. You should say:

  • What are you doing?
  • Why do you like to do?
  • How do you feel after doing them?

Sample 1:- Describe an Activity You Enjoying Doing when You Alone

Well, there are a number of activities which I love to do when there is no one at my home. For instance, working in the kitchen garden of my home, reading a book, cleaning my bedroom, surfing the internet, watching a movie on television and so on.

But here I would like to talk about an activity which I do commonly when I alone at my house and that is cooking. I love to cook food for myself as well as for my loving family. My mother has great culinary skills and I have learned cooking from her. When I feel bored due to loneliness, then I go to the kitchen trying to prepare new dishes.

To be honest, I do not like to have food from a food corner situated in any market because I know very well that many times food has prepared in the unhygienic conditions which harm to anyone. So, I make food in my home’s kitchen. I like to try a variety of recipes. For instance, I can bake a cake of any flavor, Chinese food, Italian food, Dhokla, Punjabi dishes like Daal Makhani and so on.


Moreover, sometimes I cook special dishes for my family members as per their choice and give a surprise to them. They feel immensely glad when they see their favorite food items. I remember that about a couple of weeks ago, I was alone at home and other family members went outside due to work or study. I had a holiday on that day. I felt bored.

Then, I went into the kitchen and started preparations to cook a healthy dish. I decided to make a special dish named “Gajar Ka Halwa” which is my mom’s favorite dish. I cooked it with milk, sugar, butter, carrots, and dry fruits. when I had cooked it, I tasted it. It was mouthwatering.

When my mother came back home, I showed it to her. She ate it and felt highly elated. For this, she kissed me. I felt on the ninth cloud at that time because a smile on her face made my day. So, I like to cook food when I alone at my home.

Sample 2:- Describe an Activity You Enjoying Doing when You Alone

Well, I’m a student, attending classes in the college, after that I’ve tuition classes. So, my day becomes busy due to all this and I don’t have enough time to do other things. However, if I have some free time or have a holiday. Then, I would like to do the cooking. I am huge fond of cooking and like to try some new dishes. My favorite experiment that I did recently was idli with sambar.

Besides cooking, I like to read books, recently I read a book named seven wonders. Moreover, I used to play some indoor games on my phone like chess i.e. really interesting and mind sharpening game and others are Ludo, Mini Militia.

These games often help me to refresh my mind and I enjoy it a lot in this time. By doing the cooking,l always feel special; however, I have less time to do this, but I do my best, full of effort and enjoying a lot whenever I’ve.

All these things help me minimize the feeling of my loneliness and play a vital role to make my days special. These activities are helping me to refresh my self, giving me some relief and make me happy.

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