An animal you like the most ieltsfever cue card

An animal you like the most ieltsfever cue card

You should say:

Which animal do you like?

Why do you like?

Is it yours?

An animal you like the most ieltsfever cue card

Sample 1:-

Although I belong to a nuclear family that has consisted of 3 members, my father, my mother and myself, Each member of the family is extrovert by nature. They enjoy parties, moments and travelings.

Even though by the grace of God, I love traveling to see captivating things, places animals and so on. I have seen a plethora of interesting animals in the zoo as well as on the internet. I will explain here about an interesting animal Dolphin.

Hence, I still remember that once I was searching for study tutorials of youtube because it is very easy to understand any concept of any subject through the youtube. Suddenly, I saw a video into which a dolphin was playing with a football in water. I clicked on it and saw it.

Surprisingly, one trainer was training three dolphins to do actions on voice. The dolphins were doing the same as their trainer said. Dolphins played with football as well as they took a small boat. In that boat, a little boy had sat over these. Dolphins gave him a ride in the water. That little boy enjoyed this ride.

Unfortunately, I had not seen playing dolphins in reality but I felt on the ninth cloud by happiness, when I saw a video of dolphins. After it, I had seen many videos of dolphins in which I had learned about their life, diet, age and so on.

Eventually, I was very much impressed by the actions of the dolphin. I find it is a very captivating animal because you can train it in many ways. Whenever I get a chance to see a dolphin, in reality, I will surely do it.

Gradually by my perspective, seeing interesting animals increases your knowledge and excitement. Such moments give happiness to a human being.

Sample 2:-

Well, I like most of the animals like dogs, elephants, cats, etc. Today, I would like to talk about the horse that is really a faithful animal and can be found as a domestic and wild animal. They have a number of qualities which make them special and different from other animals. I want to describe it briefly.

Domestic horses have life span around 25 years while wild horse’s age is more than domestic’s. I heard from my grandmother that in the 19th century, a horse named “Old Billy” lived 62 years. So, it can be said that horses age also varies according to different species. Moreover, they can communicate through their facial expressions. For expressing their feelings, they use their ears, eyes to show their moods and nostrils.

They also have a good memory, if you have been with the same horse for a long time they will remember you. I must say that I also have my own house name as “Hossy boss” who never spend a day without me. I used to feed it, do care for it and often be a blacksmith for it.  It is in our family from last 4 years and from the first day, it lived like our family member.


Sample 3

well, I am an animal lover. there are many animals in my favorite list but my most favorite animal is a camel. this is also known as ‘the plane of the desert’. camel is a domestic animal and mainly lives in across the desert. I first saw it when I was going to Jaipur, on that time, I was just 6 years old. after that time, I saw it many times.

a camel can travel to long distance as well as can run faster on sand than a horse. I like the camel because I had traveled on it when I was just 6 years old and I love to ride on it.camel is a local animal and it is not detrimental as well. it loves its owner and always goes with the owner in any condition or in any situation.  moreover, a camel can store water inside the body for some days and can survive without water for some days. that’s why this is my favorite animal.

apart from it, camel milk is often a meal for the tribes in the desert. its hair and skin are used in the textile industry. it is a very useful and interesting animal and I like it very much.




An animal you like the most ieltsfever cue card

A gift (such as a camera, a soccer ball, or an animal) can contribute to a child’s development. What gift would you give to help a child develop? Why? Use reasons and specific examples to support your choice.

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  1. I wanted to talk about first Sample Answer I was actually asked a similar question I wanted to see how I can improve . Now please listen I understand what I am going to say would be not related to what IELTS ask but how and who with a sound mind capable of logical thought and process enjoy a wild animal being trained (tortured) to be a source of entertainment for blind greedy humans . So I know its about English since that is all what matters but you see I cannot go and speak oh I saw a guy stabbing someone and I was enjoying that for obvious reasons . Animals can’t speak but they have what you call emotions and ability to feel pain

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