Describe an Ambition that You Have Not Achieved: Recent Speaking Cue Card

Describe an ambition that you have not achieved. You should say:-

  • What is it?
  • Why haven’t you achieved it?
  • What did you do?
  • And how do you feel about it?

Sample 1 Describe an Ambition that You Have Not Achieved

There are so many ambitions that people dream about, and their life and ribbon work hard to pursue their goals. I also had an aspiration during my Bachelor’s in college. Still, I haven’t achieved it so far. Is to pursue my Master’s education. During my four years, my family suffered from a financial crisis and could not fund my Master’s degree at a foreign university. I had to take up the role of working in a software company to maintain my home, so this was a scenario in my residence. I had to postpone my aim for a few more years when my family situation was somewhat better. I started to take up a course. I took some exams and applied to various universities. Longtown got postponed, and I am unable to pursue it again, so I still have to wait for a couple of months. I was taking some courses in French and German languages because most universities consider it as an added advantage entire journey. I really felt the press and life felt do I would say that it is one of the hardship moments. I had faced in my life for a few more months. I would then fly to my destination location and pursue my degree, the one I really want to achieve in my life.

Sample 2 Describe an Ambition that You Have Not Achieved

Ambitious play a significant role in the lifestyle of the people totally depends on the situation which people like to suffering from some of the goals which people are unable to fulfil in their time manner even it requires a lot of hard work and here I would like to talk about an ambitious which I did not receive a yet from the childhood. Even I dream of becoming an innovative software engineer and want to gain a senior position in that same company. Apart from that, I remember vividly last year when I completed my studies, so one idea came to my mind and hit very hard to establish a software company. Even I also researched a lot day and night and had ample sleepless nights, which I suffered from. I realised that setting up a new company was not a piece of cake, even if it required hard work and dedication, but I continuously researched one problem overnight. I found immense funding required immense funding, so, at that time, I lacked funds, so that’s why I was unable to make that company. I dropped that idea then, but I had some confidence to gather a lot of information to build a new company and was ready to contribute. I also joined a master’s class in my field, and I found they are a lot of youth over there and they all the youth give their best and try to do a business and tend to learn ability from that Institute furthermore my aim is to be recurring a brilliant people to crack whole the software industries. Because I want to make a lot of free software which makes the lifestyle of the people conveniently so they can use this free software and also enhance their living standard, instant finally I have a lack of funds I’m not able to make my dream come true. Still, I never give up and try my best, and it will be helpful for them and me at the same time. Moreover, I believe I am patient and try to show my efforts, which I may have ups and downs. One day I will grasp that opportunity with my presence of mine and make my dream come true.

Part 3 Questions Describe an Ambition that You Have Not Achieved

Question 1:- What ambitions do children usually have?

Answer 1:- Children usually dream about becoming a doctor, a scientist, and a teacher, and these are the default ambitions which they have during their childhood days dream of becoming a teacher when and I even have their dream maybe if I get a chance, I will become a teacher after some years.

Answer 2:-  A lot of ambitions children usually have in their day-to-day lives, and children want to become successful people. They like to give an immense contribution to make their dream come true apart from that, people also put their efforts to on walls calling their academics to grab the opportunity in the future. So I think this kind of ambition which people want to interact with like engineer doctors researchers general list, so I think this ambitions maybe children have to fulfil in future.

Question 2:- Why are some people very ambitious in their work?

Answer 1:- Some people always want to prove themselves and want to achieve greater heights in their professional life. For instance, if a person works hard and thrives for success, then he would eventually receive Twitter prices and a hike.

Answer 2:- There is some segment of people considered very ambitious to the workplace because they involved in workaholic life and engaged in their actress so definitely they like to put their all the contribution and efforts to gain more money and also get popularity in a short time of period, so they easily set up a small ambitious as goals which they need to fulfil in a time frame so when people and very conveniently, so they have a like more expectations to become more popular and earn more money.

Question 3:- Why don’t some people have dreams?

Answer 1:- Some people don’t want to dream big because if they don’t achieve it, then they feel depressed, which is why most people prefer not to dream. They just want to enjoy life and go with the flow.

Answer 2:- Some people don’t believe in our dreams even though they like to do hard work day and night, so eventually, the things that dreams never come true and they are always dedicated to their goals to putting their words effort into making the voice to Sai thing some people don’t like to take a trial, so they believe in their present stage and also continuously work day and night to achieve all the milestones.

Question 4:- How do people balance work and life?

Answer 1:- I think people allocate their time correctly; for instance, they allow it at work, and the remaining have for their personal life during work time. They ensure that their work is their activities are completed and do not carry it to their homes. Similarly, when they spend time with family then, they will not talk about the office work or even take a cause related to work.

Answer 2:- A healthy lifestyle is essential to coping with stress and to achieving a work-life balance. It will include physical activity in your daily routine, getting enough sleep, and aiming to relax. I think these are the assets which people like to make balance and give a shape according to their desires.

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