The Increase in People’s Life Expectancy Means That They Have to Work

The increase in people’s life expectancy means that they have to work older to pay for their retirement. One alternative is that people start to work at a younger age. Is this alternative a positive or negative development?

In recent years, overall life expectancy across the globe has increased considerably, which is delightful, but this straightaway leads people to continue working at an older age. Some consider starting to work at an early age as a solution; however, I do not find it positive at all, which is explained in the below composition.

Generally, people complete their graduation when they turn 23 or 22 and start doing jobs or business. If these naive minds, at 20 or 21, without even completing their graduation, start working in a multinational company, then they might lose their confidence as they are not aware of office operations. Further to this, from an optimistic perspective, if they earn well, still they do not possess the level of maturity to save or invest the money they earn. Basically, they do not even know what the best buy in a grocery store is. In this way, nations, especially developing countries, conceivably lose some bright students. In India, for instance, many students abscond their college studies in order to do a part-time job. Still, many of them never complete graduation and end up with a disastrous professional career. On top of this, many students leave their academic careers completely once they start earning, which, in my view, is completely preposterous because those innocent minds could not see their life from a broader vision. Hence, it would be an injustice to millennials if we make them work at an early age.

Another thing to be taken into consideration is the education system. If people start working in their twenties, then nobody will go to the reputed universities to do master’s degrees as their counterparts are earning and feeding families. In this way, it is a risk to the entire education system that fewer inhabitants would prefer to study. Here, society would be teaching the younger generation to shift their attention from gaining wisdom to earning for produce. Students who are not even clear about the stream they wish to work on even after their graduation, how will they choose their career at such an early age? Thus, I do not find it a positive side of the development.

To conclude, I think the idea of starting to work at an early age is entirely misestimated. In this way, we would not only be ruining the mentality of teenagers, but we would see a completely different generation running relentlessly behind money.

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