Describe an Area of Science Physics Psychology and So on That Interests You.

Describe an area of science, physics, psychology, and so on that interests you. Please say

– What is it?
– How do you know about it?
– Why are you interested in it?

Sample Answer:  Describes an Area of Science Physics Psychology and So on What Interests You. 

What is it?

Honestly speaking, science was not my cup of tea at first. But, a field of science gained my attention when I was a child. It was the study of outer space.

How do you know about it?

I got to know about it when I was in the eighth standard. I visited science city in Jalandhar as a school trip. There, I watched a beautiful movie related to the universe. It was very well presented that I was totally lost in it. The shining stars and the bright colors of the planets captured my eyes.

Why are you interested in it?

My craze for Outerspace kept on growing, and I memorized all the names of the planets. Even I made a model of the solar system in my 9th class. My interest in this area developed more whenever I tried to answer a question and met with a new question every time. For this, I watched many videos of Stephen hawking on YouTube, and I also love to watch movies related to space. I have watched gravity movie several times. This interest in this field of science leads me to choose nonmedical in my senior secondary school.


What is the best invention in the past 100years?

In the past 100 years, the best of science is the invention of the internet as it has connected the world and has made humans life easy. However, it gives an abundance of information.

What is the influence of science on human life?

Well, science has influenced human life, both positively and negatively. It makes tasks of humans easy and more comfortable as compared to the earlier days. On the other hand, some inventions of science disturb the environment. For instance, rays from towers are harmful to birds and motor vehicles these days causes a huge amount of pollution.

Do you think it is mandatory to teach science in schools?

Absolutely, science is imperial to teach educational institutions as it will develop logical thinking and reasoning power in students. Moreover, students will learn to question more and more, and they will become open-minded.

Do you think children love to learn science nowadays? Why?

As per my opinion, juveniles do not have much interest in the science field because they perceive it as a difficult subject. Although, because they are more inclined towards subjects like music and painting.

What are the modern methods of teaching science subjects for children?

There are a variety of techniques to teach science subjects in schools. The most important method is the activity-based method. Students learn more effectively by doing practical work. Another technique is the project-based method. This helps to engage students deeply in the topic and develops creativity among them as students are allowed to make models and charts for as topic.

Are they effective? Why do you think so?

Of course, they are effective; I can say this from my own experience. I have taught ina school, and I observed that pupils learn more when taught using different activities rather than just giving a lecture to them on a particular topic. Also, students find new methods more interesting and creative.

Do you think that museums help to educate children about science? Why?

To my knowledge, museums are not of much use to educate students. As, in my state, all the museums are related to history, and all the equipment placed there are from the past.

In your daily life, where can you see or practice science?

Well, science is all around us. Everything we do is related to science. It’s just not limited to scientists. Even homemakers practice science in the kitchen while cooking. They know how much salt is required and what amount of salt can be harmful. We use soaps, sanitizers, and many other such products there are all made from chemicals, which are related to the chemistry field of science.

Are all mysteries solved by science?

There are many mysteries on which scientists are working, but they cannot give proper proof regarding them. For instance, aliens’ existence is still a mystery, is there any life beyond the black hole is also unsolved yet, answers to many other questions like this are not known.

This is the end of the cue card: Describe an area of science, physics, psychology, and so on that interests you.


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