Describe an article on health that you read from a magazine or online

Describe an article on health that you read from a magazine or online

You should say:

1 What the article was?

it has been well said “Health is wealth” and I truly believe in that. Being a health-conscious and an avid reader by end large I ready health articles either on the internet or in the magazine.

2 Where you read it?

One of the articles which hold pleasant memory in my life is imperative of daily regular exercise on science today a couple of years ago on the internet. It is a fascinated article, which changes my lifestyle completely manifold way.

3. What did you learn from the article?

I learned the types of daily activities, its importance, and why people do regularly. From that day onward, I have started a plethora of daily exercise in my daily routine life to keep my body fit as a fiddle. Noe, it’s become regime. I hit the running track at crake of down twice a week, which helps me to improve my cardiovascular health and control the weight. I had started meditation to com my nerves down.

4. Explain why you think it is a good or bad article

This article covers the food habits as well, and nowadays I am very particular about my food habit and avoid eating more junk food and takes more nutritious food. the best part of that article about daily exercise while working. It covers the what distance and angle to be kept your desktop, sitting position on the chair, and small pictorial representation of small hourly exercise which act as stress-buster. After reading this article exercise had become part and parcel my daily ruining and had to change my lifestyle completely.

This is the end of speaking cue-card: (Describe an article on health that you read from a magazine or online )

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    I frequently like reading Quora website where people post and write heaps of articles. One day while surfing on Quora I came across one article named “Brain Game” on mental health under the health and hygiene section. Health refers to physical, emotional and psychological wellbeing of a person. People generally focus on physical health and always underestimate mental health. The Brain Game article taught me a lot about how to take care of your mental health. Depression, anxiety, nervous breakdown are some of the common mental diseases faced by today’s generation. Perhaps, dealing with mental illness is very exhausting. Meditation, Social interaction, traveling are some fruitful remedies to fight against mental illness. Moreover, I feel this article amazing and interesting because it had real-life examples of people who had faced depression and anxiety at an extreme level, fought back, and proved themselves as warriors.

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