Hand-writing has become less formal

Hand-writing has become less formal

and it is done in a more relaxing way, now than in the past. What are the causes? There are more advantages or disadvantages?

Sample Answer 1:


Of late, digitalization has changed the concept of hand-writing. Every section of society has been replaced with a digital solution and go-green concept, and as a result significant of handwriting has been drastically reducing and becoming less popular in the present scenario than in the past. This essay will shed light on the cause of this phenomenon as well as this change has been positive although there is a downside too. However, merits aged over the demerits.

paragraph 1:

To embark upon, there are multifarious reasons to justify my outlook about the Hand-writing become less formal. The most conspicuous one is more dependency on online and digital technology. In other word, people are more reliable on computer type writing due to their enormous benefits and has replaced manifold ways. To exemplify, an e-mail has been replaced by formal letter communication. Consequently, the cost has been reduced drastically, and productivity speed has been gone up. Additionally, due to technology enhancement such as auto-correction of spelling and grammar have made folks life at ease. Thus, day and age people prefer not preferred to do hand-writing and do it in a relaxed way.

paragraph 2:

This development brings multitudes pros. Firstly, curtail the usage of papers which directly helps to save the environment, as trees are an indispensable ingredient for paper manufacturing. Secondly,  it adds more comfortability in the community in myriad ways: We write a letter to any corner of the world and it delivered in few seconds, wherein past it take an age for delivery and writing as well; We preferred to fill online forms rather than writing and summing which eat away time.

paragraph 3:

Despite the aforementioned disadvantages, it has advantages too. Hand-writing is an essential skill for the holistic development of humankind. Hand-writing enhances children to understand the words better by jot down many times. It has been seen that lion’s share the education industry’s focus from the beginning as its useful life skill and part and parcel of people’s life.


All things considered. Undoubtedly, the wise use of digital type writing brings a plethora of benefits in dwellers day to day activities, they are more comfortable, and result hand-writing becomes less formal and more relaxed.

This is the end of writing task 1:: (Hand-writing has become less formal)

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2 thoughts on “Hand-writing has become less formal”


    Nowadays, people are more inclined towards electronic text and emails. Perhaps, handwritten letters have almost lost its importance. In this essay, I will discuss positives and negatives of the topic.

    Generation is becoming more gadget oriented. Longhand letters have now been replaced by keyboards and society is sending messages through e-mails or printed ones. Even signatures are now taking the shape of e-sign. For instance, in the end of a PDF file of a random confidential document one just needs to type their full name and the document is signed.

    However, going paperless and not using handwritten pages has many advantages. Firstly, It results in less error because some handwritten documents are becoming difficult to correct whereas printed documents can be effortlessly improved and reprinted. As well as, not using handwritten pages saves the environment and energy and it is less time consuming.

    On the other side, Hand-writing is a skill that helps to improve your language and develops your brain and thought process. In older age our ancestors use to write letters manually and send it by post. Moreover, teachers in school was also focusing on pupil’s handwriting and try to improve them. Unfortunately, manually written letters and documents are now extinct from the workplace and also from schools. For example, children are now asked to focus more on keyboards which results in online studies and ending the academics with online exams.

    In conclusion, both the skills are equally important and necessary. Despite the domination of computerized text people also should not underestimate handwritten letters as it has a different impact on society’s way of thinking.

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    Please give the answer this writing topic. Handwriting today. is. Less formal. than. it was. the. past. What. are. the causes of this. change .Is this. a. positive. or. negative. development

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