Describe an important piece of news that you received via text message

Describe an important piece of news that you received via text message

You should say:
1. who shared the message with you
2. what the news was about
3. how was it written
and explain why the news was important to you.


She is like a sister from another mother. She has been through a lot in her life. The news that I received was related to her sent by our common friend.  The news was that Diya was getting married. The name of a common friend is Saveen. She texted me “Congratulation mate!!!!!! our beautiful is getting married tomorrow” and she shared some pictures of Diya doing some ceremonies related to her marriage. Where she was looking just stunning. It was a little emotional moment for me too. The reason why this massage was important for me because she been through a lot in her life. This was her second marriage. She got assaulted by her first husband then she took divorce and she had a baby girl of one year from her first marriage, but the baby died just before her divorce. So, for me, this news was a new hope of life for her. She defiantly needs God almighty.

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1. Why is it that some people today dislike sending text messages?

The reason is technology. More than text massages people can talk directly and get the message more quickly by. It is a time saver and fasts. There are also some applications available on mobiles that are popular nowadays like, WhatsApp and other social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. I do agree that they all have the text massaging feature but just calling makes a difference. And they do have video calling features available so they can connect with other
people face to face too. So, because of some reasons like time consumption in typing and then waiting for other person responses it is less preferable by people.

2. What’s the information that Cannot be Communicated through text messages?

Anything with is private and should have to be enclosed. Can be anything like bank account detail, passwords as per my knowledge. Because there is a chance of getting hacked your device by hackers. Especially now when everyone is using internet facility on mobile and laptops so there are more chances of loss of the data. It’s better to call that person and deliver your message directly.

3. How can folks in India deliver significant info?

People of India uses the various platform to pass important information from one side to another. Some popular mediums are electronic mails by password protective files which have the accessibility to only the person to whom the file is being shared. Another way by calling the person directly. For legal documents, people also use a fax service.

4. What do you think about classic paper mails?


The traditional method of sending mails is not now popular. This way of sending information from one end to another in this way is almost lost its identity. There are many reasons for this. The main reason is technology which makes it easy to send information quicker. As compared to electronic mail, paper mail takes a longer time to get to the destination, sometimes days and months too. But the thing that paper mail was delivered along with the message was love and
the importance. Whereas, electronic mail lack in this.

5. Do you think a good way to Deliver information is using mails?

Yes, I strongly believe in sharing the information through mails. First, the massage can have direct and to the point information along with the subject on it. It is quicker and can store if the person wants. It is a good way to maintain records. To share the risky information can also be possible by sharing the file with password protective feature. So, because of these features’ mails are a good medium to exchange information.

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