Describe an Incident Where Someone Apologized to You.

Describe an incident where someone apologized to you. You should say:

– Who was it?

– When was it?

– What did the person say?

– Why was this incident memorable to you?

Follow up question: Do people in your country apologize often?

Part 3 (Discussion)

– What kind of apology means more to you: words or actions?

– Why are people selfish?

– Should we be more considerate?

– What teaches us to be considerate?

Sample Answer of Describe an Incident Where Someone Apologized to You.

To err is human. But making harm to others deliberately is really an offense and if it happens by chance, then the person can sort it out by feeling sorry to others. Such kind of incident happened to me when I was doing shopping in a mall. I was full of beans as I went to Elante Mall to purchase dresses for my brother’s marriage.

Almost everything I purchased and I was about to go. Instead of using the elevator, I used an escalator and as I put my foot on the first step, I fell off the stair. I was fortunate that the person who was standing just behind me, saved me by not going too far. Though it could be a terrible incident; but, I got a minor fracture on my left leg.

Immediately, the staff was informed and one of the employees apologized to me for not cleaning the dirt on the steps of the stairs. Even though, it was gross negligence on the part of him; however, I was equally responsible. I didn’t notice the traces of dirt on the step because I was talking over the phone and lots of shopping bags I was carrying. So I forgave that person and it made me alert and by then I am very careful whenever I go by the escalator.

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