Talk About a Recent Celebration That You Were Invited to.

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Talk about a recent celebration that you were invited to. Please say

– What were you celebrating?

– Who did you celebrate it with?

– Why did you celebrate it?

Sample Answer of Talk about a recent celebration that you were invited to.

Well, Attending a wedding, birthday parties really make people jubilant. People eagerly wait for such moments. Here I would like to talk to you about a birthday party that I attended a week ago. It was the silver jubilee of my friend. I was very excited because, after the lockdown, I hardly got a chance to step out of my house.

Though it was a risk, my friend assured me about my safety. So I plan to attend her birthday party in Chandigarh. It was celebrated in Aroma hotel. She does not have a belief in celebrating birthdays; however, as it was her last birthday in India, she thought to organize it. I was equally eager to attend it because it was the last time with her in India.

So I wanted to make her happy and simultaneously I wished to collect some memories. It went well and we enjoyed it a lot and cherished our memories of the past. So this was the event to which I had been invited by one of my friends.

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