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Describe an interesting place in your country that not many tourists get there

Describe an interesting place in your country that not many tourists get there

You should say:

Sample 1:-

Although I live in a diverse country India, it is a developing nation. There are many tourists places in India which attract human beings not only from states of India but also from the different parts of the entire world.

Even though, there are some places where there only a few persons go. I will talk about such a place which is located in my own hometown named Moga. This is known as Rani Park.

Basically, rani park is located in the outskirts of Moga city. Even I did not know about this park before, but a few time ago, I heard about rani park from my friend Saba.

Certainly, when I heard about it from Saba, I told her to go there with me once. She nodded affirmatively.

Luckily by the grace of God, when I go there and I saw that it is a beautiful park with a plethora of greenery in it. It has several plants with gorgeous flowers, sitting benches for senior citizens, swings for children, a path and a yoga section.

Unfortunately, only a few people know about this lovely park that’s why not many people go there. It is an old park but a charitable trust named”Jai Shankar trust” donates money for its management.

Surprisingly, those people who go there are the members of the committee of Rani park. They do work to keep it neat and clean.

Lovingly, Rani park is a stunning sport of attracts for the human being. Kids also came there with their grandparents. Children play there and their grandparents chit-chat with each other.

Eventually, I like this park so much. Whenever I have free time, then I go there to enjoy the beauty of the park. It refreshes my mind and I feel some relief from the mundane routine of the day.

Gradually by my perspective, visiting a park keeps a human being close to nature as well as it works as a stress-buster for manpower.

Sample 2:-

Well! In the fast-paced life everyone suffering from stress. But by visiting any interesting place, our mind refreshed and it helps to refill our sapped energy. There are numbers of interesting places in my country like buildings, beaches, and many more such areas. Here, I would like to talk about an interesting place in my country where not many tourist visits. That is a heritage museum. It is situated in my city, Moga.

It is far away from my house. So, I use to go there on vehicle. I often visit this place with my family. This monument pays rich dividends to the prosperity to make them acquainted about the rich heritage of our country.

In this place, tourists are not allowed to visit because this is the quite place. This building disseminates the message of equality among the community. It is a well-crafted design done by Sikh artist. Describe an interesting place in your country that not many tourists get there

It is a very interesting place because this building has four doors in all the directions. The marble used in this building attracts everybody. Only the people of the city are invited to visit here. People come here to grab some culture and grab good habits. They also learn to avoid bad things and can be connected to our roots through this museum.


Question: What kind of tourist sites are popular in your country?

Answer: Well, I live in India which is a diverse country. There are interesting tourist places such as historical buildings, lakes, beaches, and many more such areas are popular in India. All the places are constructed as the most flourless architectural creations of the world.

Question: What can the government do to prevent pollution in tourist sites?

Answer: According to my knowledge, the government hires many workers to clean tourist places as well as, it has planted plants in such as areas. Moreover, they have banned petrol or diesel vehicles near tourist places within a 2km radius, but the government allows an electric vehicle to reach tourist places because such as vehicles produce no pollution.

Question: What are the advantages of visiting less known places?

Answer: There are several benefits if only a few people visit tourists places. Firstly, it will create less pollution. Secondly, they will not damage the natural resources or natural beauty of tourist place. Eventually, when a tourist place becomes more crowded then anyone there cannot enjoy the beauty of nature in that place.

Question: What are the disadvantages when there are too many tourists in one site?

Answer: Well, if there are so many persons on the popular and tourists place, it will be proved harmful for that place. Firstly, it damages the natural beauty of a tourist place. Secondly, too many folks on such a place will damage natural resources. Eventually, a plethora of people has produced a lot of pollution.



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