Describe an Interesting Song Speaking Cue Card

Describe an interesting song

  • What is the song?
  • What story does the song tell? / What is it about?
  • Whether the song is popular?
  • And explain why you think it is interesting?

Sample Answer Describe an Interesting Song Speaking Cue Card

Being a piece of music enthusiast, I love to listen to music, and I have listened to different types of numerous songs but, among a few are my favourite, Today I would like to talk about an interesting song, and it’s “all is well.” This song is from the Indian Bollywood film three ideots, and if my brain train is right, then I have been listening to this song for from10 years.

The song is about our approach to life. Not only me, but we all always think about our future and are anxious about what happened. The punchline of the song is all well mean, and all will happen well; you have to have faith in it.

The song was very popular at that time, and it was the reason behind a number of people’s predicament shifts in life. It was also selected by the audience’s favourite song for four continuous years.

I love to listen to this song, and whenever I am confused about something, it aids me a lot. Well, that is an interesting song which I remember.

Part 3 Questions Describe an Interesting Song Speaking Cue Card

Question 1:- Do teenagers and older enjoy the same kind of songs?

Answer – I don’t think youth and older enjoy the same kind of songs, and adults put more weight on beats and sons which contain different sounds while older like lyrics based and meaningful songs.

Question 2:- What are the factors which make people like a song?

Answer –There are different factors, and it is also according to personal taste which makes song favourite for them, however, lyrics and beats and voice of singer are common factor which makes liked song.

Question 3:- On which occasions do people in your country sing together?

Answer –When people are happy, they sing together or alone like in marriage, in my country people sing together when they go to any concert and during the national anthem too.

Question 4:- Which kinds of songs are suitable for children? Why?

Answer –Children love songs that have beats because their ages are too young for understanding lyrics.

Question 5:- What do old people like to listen to?

Answer –They like to listen to religion and other classic songs which also have special meaning, and it is beneficial in life.

Question 6:- How would your grandfather feel if you gave him some hip-hop music to listen to?

Answer –To be honest, he does not like the hip-hop or contemporary style of music even I tried many times, and I failed.

Question 7:- Why do you think old people like old songs?

Answer –The main reason is that they grew up by listening to that period of sound and they are like addicted to that song another reason is that as we know that in the past songs were used to teach something like nature, any situation so, they loved it.

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