Describe a song that means something special to you

ieltsfever cue card example Describe an interesting song


Describe a song that means something special to you

You should say:

What kind of song is it?

How you found it?

What is it about?

And explain why it is interesting to you?

song Music is the food of the soul and we feel always be very happy to listen to the music.but here I would like to talk about a song which has very special to me.I love to listen the Hindi and Punjabi songs.Most of these songs are very meaningful. This is a Punjabi song “Bulandiaan” by Punjabi singer “Hardeep Grewal”.I saw this song five months ago.This song gives the message about the handicapped people.It does not matter that a person is a big or small and healthy or handicapped, it is just matter of hard work.If one handicapped person does work hard, he can be successful rather than a healthy man.I heard this song many times.Now It becomes the very special song for me.Actually, Hardeep Grewal always sings a good song and that’s why He becomes too popular in the punjabi film industry.He is multifaced personality.he is a singer, actor, and lyricist.He writes the lyrics of every his song himself.All my friends as well as my family like to listen to his songs.He also performs in stage shows.He has a good personality. I like all his songs as well as him.
(Harpreet Kaur Malliana)

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DESCRIBE AN INTERESTING PLACE THAT FEW PEOPLE KNOW IELTS EXAMDescribe an interesting song ieltsfeverDescribe an interesting song


Describe an interesting song

Describe an interesting song

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