Describe a method that helps you save money ielts exam

ieltsfever cue card example Describe a method that helps you save money

Describe a method that helps you save money

You should say:

– What is the method?

– When did you start to use it?

– How did you know it?

– and explain why it is helpful?

  • Money is the basic need of everyman.
  • It is very important to learn that how to save money.
  • But I would like to talk about a method that helps us to save money.
  • I started getting pocket money when I was 12 years old.
  • But I used to spend all of candies and chocolates.
  • Then I thought that I have to save money to buy my things.Then,
  • I bought a piggy bank for myself and started putting all my pocket money into it.
  • My father also encouraged me to save money.
  • He told me that if I did not spend any money on useless things,
  • He would give me another Rs.2000/- to my saving after two year.
  • In starting, It was very difficult for me, but I did it.So, with savings,
  • I bought a video game as well as some story books.
  • I just want to say that If we save money,
  • then we can use it at the time of the need for money.
  • People save money for there rainy days in banks.
  • So, it is a good activity which any person should to do.
    (Harpreet kaur Malliana)

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Describe a method that helps you save moneyDescribe a method that helps you save money

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