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Describe an Interesting Tradition in Your Country.

Describe an Interesting Tradition in Your Country.

Describe an interesting tradition in your country.

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Sample Answer of Describe an Interesting Tradition in Your Country.

When a custom continues from generation to generation it becomes a tradition. If I talk about my country India its culture and traditions are something which has now become renowned all across the world. There are several reasons in India.

Here I would like to talk about one nation is that touching the feet of elders for a blessing. This is one such tradition which is followed almost everywhere in the nation. It is an age-old tradition where teachers used to give blessings to their students when they touch their feet in order to show respect and value to them.

It is still in practice not only for teachers and discipline but also among elders and the younger generation. In my country, India, this is a very ubiquitous and well practice tradition that is taught by every parent to their wards. Apart from this, this helps the children to understand the importance of
giving admiration to seniors.

Whenever elder people visit our home or if there are any occasions like a festival or events celebrated it is a custom to touch elder’s feet to make them valued. Furthermore, also students before going for exams they seek the blessing of parents’ grandparents and teachers by following this tradition.

Unfortunately these days many families are getting detached from the tradition as modern parents are not always teaching their kids about these values. It is paramount to put effort to keep this tradition alive otherwise it can be a huge loss for the nation if these become obsolete as these are the things that think keep the country united and its values high.

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