Describe an irritating person in your neighborhood

Describe an irritating person in your neighborhood.

-Who is he/she?

-How he/she irritates to you?

-How do you feel about him/her?

Well, In my neighborhood,  all the persons are well-behaved except Mr. Rahul Sharma who is irritating to me. He has been residing there for two years with his family. Besides Mr. Rahul Sharma, there are four members in his family. Other members of his family are well-behaved and well-educated. Every person fears from Mr. Rahul’s annoying behavior.

He talked with everyone very rudely. Once a time, I met with her mother who told me about the real story behind Mr. Rahul’s bad behavior. She also feels gloomy about her son’s life. I would like to describe it briefly.

According to his mother, Her family lived in a village. When Mr. Rahul was a youngster, he had two ambitions in his life. Firstly, He wanted to join a circus named “Khan Circus”. A  captivating performance was presented by the “Khan Circus” in their village. It put an impact on Mr. Rahul. So, he wanted to join it.

Secondly, He loved to a Muslim girl named Fatima. He wanted to marry her. Unfortunately, his father spoiled his all wishes. His father prohibited Mr. Rahul to be part of “Khan Circus” and involved him in his business of clothes. In addition, His father refused Mr. Rahul’s marriage with Fatima. Because Fatima had related to another cast and religion. He married Mr. Rahul with a Hindu girl named Radha. Mr. Rahul does not like his wife.


Moreover, Fatima got married to a Muslim boy. So, both the ambitions of Mr. Rahul were broken. He became rude. He started beating his wife. His mother and his wife have been tolerating Mr. Rahul’s behavior for many years. Eventually, now I feel pity for him.


Some people believe that some unpaid community service should be a compulsory part of high school programs (e.g. working in a charity, improving the relationship of neighborhood or teaching sports to children) To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Describe an irritating person in your neighborhoodDescribe an irritating person in your neighborhood

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