Describe your first day at work or school or college.

Describe your first day at work or school or college.

-What kind of building it was located in?

-Why it was important for you to work or study there?

-How you felt at the end of the first day.


Well, I am an employee in a web designing company named “The Creative Minds”. About a year ago, I have completed my graduation from a well-reputed college named “L.L.R. Memorial College”. After it, I had applied for a job in “The Creative Minds” company.

The head of the HR department called me for an interview. I felt highly elated at that time. I had passed my interview and got joining letter from there. An employer said to me to join next week on Monday.

On the first day of my job, I got ready early in the morning and reached my office’s building. It was a seven-story building. My workplace had located on the fifth floor. There, all the modern facilities were available in that building such escalators, lift, a dispensary for medical purposes and so on.

I reached there at about 9:00 AM. I was happily entering the office building. I saw the escalators but unfortunately, The electricity had gone out of order. So, I was not able to use the lift and escalators. Then, I decided to go by stairs. So, I reached my office building. There   I submitted my joining letter to the head of the HR department.

He sent me to my cabin. His secretary told me about my work as well as some pending works of the HR department. I started my work over there. I found it is difficult to work for the whole day because, Before this time,  I never did such work.

Eventually, by the grace of God, my first day at work was very good and full of experience. I had made a number of friends in my office. I feel immensely glad when I go to my workplace.

Follow-up Question:-Describe your first day at work or school or college.

Question:- Do you prefer working alone or with others? why?

Answer:- Actually, I prefer to both but sometimes I like to work alone because at that time  I easily concentrate on the work as well as, I like to do work at a peaceful place like office, my room, and study room also. Although, I like to work with orders and team because, in this way, I get different and new knowledge. With it, I collect various sorts of qualities such as how to do multitasking at the same time, increasing communication skills, ideas and many more. these are the main reasons I prefer to both sides.

Question:- Would you like to change your job in the future?

Answer:- Well, now I like this job because there are so many new things present which I know the first time and I learn with my co-workers but, in the future, if any best company will give me any wonderful opportunity then, I want to change my job even, I still good there as well as, I’m very hard working  and, I have full confidence, I will increase my position in this company very soon because change is the law of nature.

Question:- How many hours do you work each day?

Answer:- Well, I am a very punctual person and I like to come at the proper time. So, I come at 9:00 am and go back at 7:00 pm. I do work almost 10 hours with one hour break as well as when sometime I have a lot of pending work then, I do overtime work.

Question:- Do you prefer to online work?

Answer:- Actually, I am an employee in a web designing company and I do all work online according to me, online work is better than others because everyone can do work anywhere anytime without facing any type of problem. Moreover, we can do work at home and, get different sort of new knowledge as well, share with others. The best thing about online work is we can do work flexible hours at home as well, everybody can spend more time with family and, feel stressfree.

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Describe your first day at work or school or college web designing company

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  1. Shristi Jaiswal

    Well, I had a dream of going to a medical college, but  I was not able to go. I had to choose in Biotechnology. I started searching for the best college in Uttar Pradesh. I had to choose this college. When I searched for this on Google, I first scrolled through the images and the college ambiance. The college entrance looked modern and beautiful. However, when I arrived at my college for the first time, the only entrance was modern, and the classes were like 100-year-old rooms with no proper ac facilities. I was worried about seeing the infrastructure of the college. I was not all satisfied. I didn’t like sitting in that room. I wanted to go away and get dropped again and start preparing for the NEET exam. 

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