Describe an occasion when you get lost

Describe an occasion when you get lost

You should say:

where was it?

what happened?

 how you found your way-

sample answer:

where was it?

This incident happened last year when we visited Jammu Kashmir for a pleasure trip. Our family seriously wanted to take a break from this monotonous life hence we booked an inclusive package to Jammu Kashmir which is the northern peak of India well known for its picturesque sceneries.

what happened?

As it’s the peak season and is a tourist trap when we arrived there many visitors and tourists are already in the hotel which field is flooded. On the second day, the guide took us to this place called Jamuna lake where we can feed fishes and have some joyful time. We decided to go on a boating trip to spend some quality time. Initially, I didn’t notice that the lake has 3 boating spots and us too the 2 one but after completion of the trip, the boatman had dropped us at 3 counter. We are startled as it was not familiar with my husband being irritated by his behavior went to the counter to counter-question him.

How do you feel that you are lost?

After even waiting for 20 mins as he did not return I went searching for him but to my dismay did not find him. I was like down in the dumps did not what to do, like a child lost in woods. I did not know anyone there, there were heaps of tourists how you found your way-.

I was indeed hiding tears underneath my eyes as it would not be good on my part to make a scene over there. After 20 mins of thorough scanning, I saw my husband coming from a boat from the other end. I was in nuts when I saw him and immediately rushed towards him. He explained to me that the boat keeper too him to know which counter is ours

I felt I was completely lost even though they are many people around me than me. Till date whenever I think of it. The indecent it gives me a nightmare.

This is the end of speaking(Describe an occasion when you get lost)

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