Describe an Unforgettable Bike(Bicycle) Trip

Describe an unforgettable bike(bicycle) trip
You Should Say

  • When it was
  • Where you went
  • What happened during the trip
  • How you felt about it

Sample Answer of Describe an Unforgettable Bike(Bicycle) Trip

Well, the Bicycle trip was really wonderful which I had with my friends to the Satluj River from my village. We actually wanted to enjoy the riverside. It took us half an hour to reach there. We started our ride early in the morning so that we can see the sunrise. During our ride, we sojourned at one place to take to refresh ourselves. As we started to move, one of the tyre of the cycle got punctured and there was no shop opened to inflate the tire.

So this ride turned into a tiresome journey. So I park my cycle in a parking slot and we continued our journey as I sat on my friend’s cycle. It was more enjoyable. When we reached there, we were on the seventh heaven to see the beauty of nature as birds in the early morning were chirping and the sun was rising and we felt early rays of sun on our faces. It was a blissful experience. I could never forget this journey in my life.

Since then, we tried to make it but due to a hectic schedule, we were unable to make it. I think, riding a cycle for a trip has a different experience as it reminds the people about their childhood days and people rejuvenate by thinking over past memories.


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1. Do people in your country often travel by bike?

Yes, people of my country especially youngsters travel by bike to their workplaces, meeting their friends as well as for making trips. So it is one of the favorite vehicles among youngsters and they love it more than any other vehicle.

2. Which is more convenient, bicycle or a car?

Well, both have their own benefits. People travel by bike in their routine as it is more convenient for them to travel due to a lot of traffic jam on the road and they can pass easily. For long distances, they consider a car is more convenient. If they use the car in their routine then it can cost them an arm and a leg.

3. Do you think that children should learn the skills of riding from an early age?

Yes, of course, they should learn because they can commute easily to their school and in this way they can stay hale and hearty because riding bicycle is a good exercise.

4. Do you think cycling is a good way to exercise?

 Yes of course cycling is a good way to do exercise. They can kill two birds with one stone like they can travel to their workplace as well as they can stay fit. Sometimes, they overcome their physical problems like people are getting obese I think by doing cycling they can overcome their obesity and feel more energetic.

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