Some People Think That Climate Change Could Have a Negative Effect on Business

Ques:  Some people think that climate change could have a negative effect on business.  Other people think that climate change could create more business opportunities. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

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Admittedly, people who have divergent outlooks regarding interchanging weather could have pessimistic effects on work. Some are fascinated about this while others are apprehensive with regard to it having an optimistic effect on the occupation. However, I am inclined to advocate that change in climate produces more work.


Needless to say, an imperative perspective in favor of a rotating atmosphere increases business. To quote an instance, whenever weather is changed people like to buy new stuff such as clothes, utensils and other essentials according to their requirement. Consequently, people are inventing new innovations according to weather which creates new jobs and increases business.

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Furthermore, during the summer season, individuals like to visit cold places and want to eat child edibles. On the contrary in winter natives love to take a sauna bath which is a new concept these days people spend a hefty amount on this which is also a part of the growing business.



Nevertheless, protagonists who espouse that interchanging weather could have a bad impact on work claim that people who are doing hosiery business invest a hefty amount in their work but after changing climate the whole stock got waste which has a bad impact on business because they did not get their money back from left stock.


In my final analysis, Some people think it grows the business others think it has side effects. However, I advocate changing weather and creating new inventions that create new jobs and work for people.

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Without any doubt, society is divided into two groups as per the distinct mindset of different people. Therefore, this has become a debatable issue where few of the people think that business could have been affected negatively by the atmosphere change. Whereas, many individuals believe that climate fluctuation brings more opportunities in the working area. This essay will not only shed light on both the perceptions but also my point of view will be elaborated in the below paragraphs.


To commence with the first notion, there are numerous points to be shared where climate change left a negative impact on several businesses. Agriculture and Fishing are the sectors which are mostly affected due to the fluctuation of the atmosphere. Heavy rain or no rain for any specific crop caused a bad effect on farming which results in a poor farmer poorer and in addition to this it also affects the nation where the demand is high for the food and supply become low because of damage. On the other hand, climate change also draws some adverse effects on fishing also as floods or storms damage the whole business which reflects the decline in their work field. For example, shortage of seafood in food malls. As a consequence, switching of weather affects business majorly.


On the other hand, moving towards another argument of this debate, where for some people swapping of air is beneficial for their respective field of work as it brings variations. Tourism increases rapidly due to climate replacement and certainly, it attracts the tourist and hence it improvises the business opportunities. To exemplify, people are always attracted to go to cold places or to see beautiful snowfall. Another reason why many believe that switching off the atmosphere is significant and increases their business as it brings much variety in their work field and meanwhile it incline in their earning. For as, a businessman stock variety of products, and as per changes the demand for products increases.


To conclude, I believe that changing of climate brings increment in business however it also can’t deny that these beings decline for some specific business also.

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