Talk about a book you recently read

Talk about a book you recently read

You should say:

What type of book do you like?

Which one do you read recently?

Where did you hear about it?

Talk about a book you recently read

Sample 1:-

Well, I have read a variety of books during my whole life. And here I would like to talk about a book named “God gives happiness”. Is a very fascinating book. When I read it I felt immensely glad. I explain its story briefly.

Accoring to this book’s story, once a time a king named gurudas was lived in the big palace. He cared very much for other people. There was a minister named Raghu in his residence who worked for the ing. One day, the king was cleaning his sword with a piece of clothe but unfortunately, one finger of the king’s hand had cut with a sword.

He was screaming with pain. But his minister raghu said to the king to be patience as well as he told him a line that “whatever happens, happens for the goodness”.King got very angry and threw Raghu into the prison. Then, once a day, the king went for hunting in the jungle and his compainions went on other pathes. King was alone in the thick andhorrible jungle.

Suddenly, a few tribe people came there and caught the king into a net. Tribes men took the king to their residence. Because they were finding a person to kill for the worship of their Godess. Then one tribe man saw a cut finger of the king and told to their leader about it.


Tribe Leader released to the king. After this incident, the king recalled the words of his minister that “Whatever happens, happens for the goodness”. he felt very bad. He came back to his palace and ordered to release the minister from the prison. King apolozised to the minister for his misbehavior.

All in all, whenever, I recall this story, It refills me with motivation and trust on God.

Sample 2:-

I love to read books. mostly I like thriller books and biographies as well. here I would like to talk about a book which I have recently read. this book name is target America and I read it just one week ago, it is a novel,” a sniper elite novel” which was written by Scott McEwen. this novel is based on crime which probably had done by terrorists in the US.

It contains an interesting story. the main character is “Gil Shannon” in it which one of the seal’s officers in the US. the main story of this novel is that Gil Shannon & his friends were searching out for a suitcase presumably containing a nuclear bomb. the Chechen terrorists made this bomb to detonate in one area of the US. terrorists just wanted to devastate the US and the lives of many people.

one terrorist kashkin brought a bomb suitcase in Washington DC because he wanted to explode this city. kashkin had hidden the suitcase somewhere in the US. all the seal’s officers were finding this suitcase. then officers decrypted the Keskin is a computer which contained the information about suitcase in the US.

then, seals officers found out this deadly suitcase and then, they took it when it was just near to explode.gil Shamnon and his two other friends took this suitcase in a helo, a type of helicopter and devastate it in the ocean .gil shamnon had saved plethora lives of the US citizens. he was a very brave officer in this novel.

I really like this novel when I was reading this novel ” target America”, I was always thinking that what will happen next because it is a very interesting novel. it is improved my reading skills brainstorming. I really like this novel. perhaps, I like to read this type of novel again in the future.

Sample 3:-

Well,  books are a prominent source of information, feelings, and inspiration. There are lots of books available nowadays related to emotions, history, poetry, inspiration. I read many books. But now, I have to ask to talk about that I recently read. I am feeling glad to share that recently I read a book named “The life of loneliness ” written by Dr. Narinder Singh Kapoor.

I heard about this from my friend. He said this book is full of inspiration. Then, I wanted to buy that. But I didn’t find this book on the market. So, my friend gave it to me for some time. When I read this book, I really felt awesome because this book was full of thoughts that described a persons’ thinking, views over different things. After reading this book, I felt that this book not even contain any poetry, story but contain single-single line thoughts with the number of stories. As the name of the book describes, The life of loneliness means a single sentence contains a particular story about a person.

This book was of 330 pages and approximately contained 1071 sentences or we can say 1071 stories about human beings. All the thoughts described a child, younger, older, women and men’s thinking and views. I must say, this book helps you to understand a person’s thoughts that you meet daily.

I am happy after reading that book and always grateful to my friend who had suggested me to read this book. And I also want to read this book again and again.

Talk about a book you recently read

Describe something interesting your friend has done but you haven’t.

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