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Describe an important Tree or plant in your country

Describe an important Tree or plant in your country

You should say:

What the plant is?

Why do you like it?

Who told you about this?

Describe an important Tree or plant in your country

Thanks for giving me such an interesting topic. There are number of species of trees are found in our country where all have their own importance. Well, today, I have asked to describe an important tree or plant in my country. I would like to speak about Banyan tree which is our Indian national tree. A banyan tree also known as banian is a fig that means a plant which grows on another plant. The leaves of banyan tree are glossy, elliptical, green and large while young leaves have an attractive reddish tinge.

Moreover, Banyan tree have lots of benefits from medicinal to recreational and this tree plays vital role in humanity aid. The Banyan tree is still used as a source of shade in many villages. The bark and seeds can be used as tonic to maintain body temperature and treat diabetes and using the bark of tree, paper and fiber which is further used to make ropes can be created. The roots can be used to strengthen your teeth and gums by brushing with them.

Due to all these advantages, I like this tree most and this is our national tree. My grandmother had told me, about all advantages of this plant. She also makes lots of medicines using this tree’s parts, which all works well. In our country, we all admire this tree and took, take and will take benefits of this.


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