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Describe someone you met recently and would like to know more about

Describe someone you met recently and would like to know more about

You should say :

Sample 1:-

Although I belong to a nuclear family which has consisted of 5 members my father, my mother, my two siblings and myself, All the family members are well-educated.

Even though I have pursued my academic education from a reputed college LLRM college Moga. During my studies, I have met a lot of persons including teachers and other people.

Fortunately, I have recently named Ranjit Bawa. He is also my favorite singer. I describe it briefly.

Luckily, last Sunday I was going to Ludhiana via bus. When I arrived at the outskirts the window of the bus that a famous singer Ranjit Bawa stood there with co-acters of his new Punjabi movie. He came there for promotion of his upcoming movie.

Lovingly, I left the bus at that time in order to meet Ranjit Bawa. After some wait, I had taken photographs as well as an autograph from him then, he went away from there.

Eventually, that moment was very fabulous and memorable and now I would like to know more and more about him such as through internet o on.

Gradually by the perspectives, such as moments play an important role in our life because meeting with one is a favorite person could become the cause of gladness for him. So, I felt on the ninth cloud by happiness at that time.

Whenever I get a chance I will meet Ranjit Bawa and know more about him.

Sample  2:- 

Well! I heard about a lot of people of whom the success stories are gone viral and new generation follow them as a role model to become successful. But in everyone’s life, there would be one person whom he/she like and want to know more about him/her. I also know a person about whom I want to know. So, here I would like to talk about a person I met recently was now one of my close friends.

Furthermore, he pulls his socks up to make the people familiar regarding the degeneration and significance of our environment. So, I vividly remember, a few months back one environment awareness camp was organized in my village by an organization at that time. I got to know about that person. His name is Avneet Singh.

Initially, he had to confront most of the problem regarding fiscal problems to commence his efforts but after taking concrete steps. He makes it easy to start that is why I like that person. He also makes people aware of the protection of the environment.

Moreover, the plants as much as the tree on any festival and distribute plants among the people, who show interest that is a reason why I would like to know more about the person because he is doing a great job to protect our environment.

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