Describe an interesting person you met recently

# Describe an interesting person you met recently

  • You should say: 
  • Who the person was
  • When and where you met the person
  • What you did together

Sample 1

The interesting person I met recently is my roommate, who moved in to live with me a week ago. She, newly graduated, is nice and talkative. The minute after she was introduced to me by the landlady, she began to tell me everything about herself, as if we’ve known for a long time. The past week living with her was full of unexpectedness and quite interesting.

Every day she’d like to share her experience which made me laughed to tears. Sometimes, she begged me to do something crazy, crazy to me, which she came up with at midnight. Optimistic as she is, she makes me feel that life is not so hard, and I can enjoy
a better, happier day as I like it.

I usually make supper by myself and she prefers to eat takeaway at the table while I am eating. Meanwhile, she would tell me funny things she’d come across on the day. For example, on the first day, she got to the wrong bus, as she was not used to the new route. Not until half an hour later did she realize that and she had to take a taxi so as not to be late. What’s more, she got off at the wrong station, and she had to walk for twenty minutes to return home.

I was sorry for her terrible day, and I would definitely in a bad mood if I had had a day like that. However, she was more amused about her experience and seemed to be telling a funny story of others’. Then last Saturday, we were enjoying a film together at night, which didn’t finish until eleven thirty.


Five minutes later after she went back to her room, she knocked at my door, asking me if I’d like to go out to eat barbecue, since there are barbecue stalls in the street opposite our community, which I mentioned forward to her that day. I’ve been living in the community for two years, however, I never went to the street at midnight. I had to accompany her there for she kept begging me.

I cannot imagine what she will share and do with me in the future, but I am sure it’s interesting to live with a roommate like her.

Follow Ups

Question: What do you think are important between friends?
To be friends, the two need to be sincere with each other. As the saying goes, to make a friend, one needs to be friendly. They should care about each other so as to offer in time help when needed. Besides, they should trust each other, otherwise, their friendship won’t last long.

Question: How do people nowadays make friends?
There are ways for people to make friends, through their recent friends, or by taking part in activities, hiking for example. Besides, some make friends with those they cooperate with while playing online games. Currently, more tend to make friends online and chat with each other through QQ or EMS, as they feel free to complain about their sadness online and can make friends in all works of life.

Question: How to avoid making friends who are not sincere online?
People should protect themselves and shouldn’t share their personal information like income, name, and address online or during their chatting. In case someone evil may deliberately make friends and win the trust of his target, and then he takes advantage of what they get through former chatting, to commence crime, such as kidnapping children of his target for money.

Question: Will you tell others you meet for the first time your personal information, like
your telephone number or your address?
I won’t tell the guys I meet for the first time much personal information. For example, on an hours’ bus riding, I may have a conversation with a fellow traveler to kill time, talking about our hometowns and jobs. If asked for further contact, I may leave a telephone number. But I won’t tell him my working or living address or further information, as I can’t completely judge whether the guy is reliable.

Question: Does the first impression count on your making friends?
Yes, though I never make friends on the first meet, the first impression of meeting with a person will influence our further contact at the beginning. If a person leaves a good impression on me, I will be polite to him/ her. Otherwise, the prejudice I have may stop me from being warm-hearted and friendly. But I believe it takes time to know clearly about a person.

Question:: Do you talk about different things with male and female friends?
Of course, I share different things with them. I am a girl. With my girlfriends, we always talk about things related to our life, such as dresses in fashion, the cosmetics we use or experience of love affairs. While with boyfriends, we often about our work, sharing the happiness of success and offering suggestions to problems we recently met on work.

Question: What is the standard of making friends? Will the standard change in the future?
People have a different standard of making friends. Some believe that a person shares the same interest with them is necessary, as they can always have something to talk about together. Some would like to make friends doing the same or similar job, for they can learn from each other. Others want to make friends with wealthy people or men of power, whom they can turn to for help. The standard surely will change in the future, as people are in need of different friends in a certain stage.

Question: Who, friends or family, will have bigger influences on the character of a child?
The family has a bigger influence on a child. A child relies on family since his birth. At the very beginning, the family is the whole world for him, from whom he learns the basic skills and ethics for living. Then a child, gradually, will be influenced by his friends, as peers, they may encounter the same problems and share their opinions. What a child learns from the words and behaviors of his parents in his youth, however, will determine his character and future development.

Question: Do children have the ability to tell what is right and wrong?
Children, with little experience of social life and common sense, are not able to judge what is right or wrong. For example, they are not clear why they are allowed to pick up flowers in the park as they do at home in their gardens until their parents tell them they have no right to possess a public property which is owned by all people. They gather and try out social experience on their growth.

Describe an interesting person you met recently I met recently is my roommate

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