Describe one time when someone says good words about what you have done

Describe one time when someone says good words about what you have done

You should say:

  • When it was?

  • What you have done?

  • What the words was?

  • Who said to you?

Sample 1:-

Although, I belong to a nuclear family consists of 5 members, my father, my mother, two siblings and myself every member of my family enjoy each and every moment of life.

Even though by the grace of God, I had pursued my academic education from a reputed school which is known as Desh Bhagat school. My strategies and procedures to study well.

Hence, I still remember when I was in 10th class then my class teacher said good words for a fabulous presentation given by me. I explain it briefly.

Once upon a time, my class teacher said to our whole class for preparing a presentation related to the subject of Computer Science. The teacher gave us just one week to complete it. She distributed the entire class into groups. Each group had consisted of 4 members.


Luckily, I was the leader of my group. Our group had chosen a very captivating topic for presentation and that was humanoid robots.

Certainly, we had prepared a presentation and a famous Humanoid Robot Sofia features such as smile at a joke, facial expressions and so on.

Fortunately, I presented the presentation because our teacher had ordered each leader to give that presentation.

Lovingly, at the end of the presentation, my teacher said some good words to me. She appreciated our whole group for making such a fabulous presentation.

Gratefully by my perspectives, making as well as giving a presentation in front of the whole class increase one’s hidden ability of the mind.

Sample 2:-

There are many occasions in anyone’s life when they did well for others and sometimes they get praise for it or sometimes not. Actually, it is not necessary that you should be praised by someone for what you have done.

But if anyone appreciates it, take it as positive and try to do more good things for the next time. Well, here I have asked to talk about a time when someone says good words to me for what I have done. Here, I would like to talk about an incident happened to me in 6th standard.

Furthermore, it was the time when I helped my friend for the first time. He is my classmate and belongs to a poor family. He didn’t have books at that time. So, he was not able to complete his work but he was a very intelligent student in our class. He was my best friend too that’s why often he discussed his family issues with me.

He shared this time as well that he don’t have money to buy books and it made him sad or also a lazy boy in the study. So, I decided to pay him that he could buy books for him and can continue his study. It was the money which I had collected by my pocket money to buy a video game on my birthday.

Moreover, when I came home and told everything to my parents they just shocked and hug me tightly. They appreciated me a lot and said to me that this is the very good thing I had done.

They also told me that helping others in the needed time is an admirable thing and it will always pay back you in an unknown way. After listen to all these words, I become pleased and satisfied with what I had done. So, I decided that I’ll always do it without thinking in the future time.


Question: Do people in your country like to give other people compliment?

Answer: Well, according to me, In India it varies people to people. Some persons like to appreciate creative workers by giving them good compliments in order to give them encouragement, but various persons do not like the success of a successful human being, so such as people feel jealous with successful humans.

Question: Do you think children need encouragement?

Yes, of course, they do because of encouragement increases a child’s creativity of the mind. It helps a juvenile to express the hidden ability of his/her mind. For instance, when parents encourage their kids to perform well in academics as well as in other fields then children do more and more efficient to get a higher position.

Question: Whether it is necessary to punish children?

No, not all the time because sometimes we have to do a thing in a better way to tell children what is right or wrong? but yes, sometimes parents or teachers have to punish students for their mistakes in order to prevent them from being a criminal.

Question: Do adult need feedback on their work?

Answer: Yes, they are because when a manager or owner gives feedback to the adult workers on their work, then it can be proved a big encouragement for them to perform more and better by getting feedback, adults show their creativity of mind next time.

Question: Which one do you think it more important? Encouragement or punishment?

Answer: Well, according to me encouragement is more important rather than punishment because it helps a human being to show his/her hidden ability of the mind. Moreover, an encouragement given by a person to student or worker to do perform better than before time.

Describe one time when someone says good words about what you have done

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