Describe One of Your Family Members you Spend the Most Time With?

Describe One of Your Family Members you Spend the Most Time With?

Who is it?

when you are usually together

what you do together

and explain why you spend the most time with this member of your family 


Today am going to share with you a family member who I spend most of my time with, This is my father/ Mother/ Brother ……..  My father is a very considerate and thoughtful person. When I was small, He usually took good care of me: taught me good lessons and never let me out of his/her sight. Even now, whenever I have a bad day, He has always been having for me and helps me get through it.

As I have got the order, My father has become my best friend. I can share my interests, my career plan, or even things about my love life with them in fact anything at all. Especially when I am down he gives me the encouragement that I need to move on.

To me, he is a role model whom I always look up to admire and follow in his footsteps. He constantly reminds me that I have to try my best in everything I choose to pursue so that I can achieve my goal in this life.

Thanks to his advice I have made significant progress in my personal life in general. Although, of course, I love all my family because he is so special to me, I think that we will always keep in touch, just as we do now almost every day.


1: CONSIDERATE – always thinking of wishes and feelings of other people

2: THOUGHTFUL – sharing that you think about other person and care about them

3: LET ME OUT OF HIS SIGHT – He/She always keep me where they could see me and they protected me all the time

4: GET THOUGH – to successfully deal with a problem or outcome a difficulty

5: FOLLOW IN THE FOOTSTEPS OF – To do the same job on to house the same style of life.

This is the End of Describe One of Your Family Members you Spend the Most Time With? Cue Card

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