Describe a photo that you remember well

Describe a photo that you remember well

You should say:

  • Which photo it was?

  • Why do you remember it?

  • Why it is special?

Sample 1:-

Although I belong to a nuclear family consists of 5 members my father, mother, two siblings and myself, All the family members are extrovert by nature. They all love to enjoy celebrations and parties.

Even though by the grace of God, I had completed my academics from a reputed school and enjoy my every class. during my school life, I have had clicked a plethora of photographs from which some pictures are mine and some are of my family members.

Hence, I still have a photograph of myself. I still remember its memory and situation, when my friend Simon took it for me without telling me about it. I explain it briefly.

Certainly, I had organized a party on my eighteenth birthday as well as I invited some friends and relatives on this occasion.

Lovingly, I cut the cake in the presence of my near and dear ones. Everyone had clapped for me and gave my presents. After it, we ate together and then we dance together as well.

Surprisingly, during dance me, my friend Simon had clicked my picture but I did not know about it. After two days, he gave me a gift. When I opened it, I saw that it was my photograph framed into a gorgeous photo-frame. I felt glad.

Luckily, in that photograph, I was looking stunning and happy. He clicked it perfectly. I felt myself on the ninth cloud by happiness. I thanked him a lot for this beautiful present.

Eventually, I yet have that photograph of mine and I hung it on on the wall of my bedroom. Every day, I see it and phrase Simon.

Gradually by me prospectives, photographs are very necessary for a human being to catch some beautiful and unforgettable memories of life.

Sample 2:-

Today, I have asked to talk about a photo that I remember well. Well! the photograph that was taken when I was only 8 years old. That was a family photo with my grandfather, grandmother that is one of my favorite photographs. I do not clear regarding the event when the photograph was taken but I have seen it thousands of time and still look at it with delight and sadness.

Furthermore, the photograph is very close to my heart because in their photograph. I’m having my grandfather and grandmother which is not with me in my life. The photograph is a black and white one. Later I have enlarged it and frame it. Then I hang it on the wall of the living room. The small kid that is me and grandparents, Father, mother make the picture really significance for me and remember it till now.

Moreover, I was so small and different looking at that time. The picture gives me a gloomy feeling as my grandfather and grandmother are no longer with me. The photograph is probably is my most favorite one as it conveys my grandparent’s memory and depicts a happy picture. Every time I look at this picture, it gives me a different sensation mixture of happiness and sadness. So, that is the photograph which I remember well.



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