Talk about the situation when your friend got success

Talk about the situation when your friend got success

You should say:

  • What it was?

  • When did it happen?

  • How easy or difficult it was to achieve?

Sample 1:-

Well, It is not a piece of cake to become a successful person.  I would like to tell you about a person who was my role model during my childhood as well as he got success. His name is Jammy and he is my cousin. In present, he has been residing in Australia and on the peak of glory.

When I was studying in the 10th class, he was my senior in my school because he was in the 12th standard. He is tall and confident. He has fair face compilation with black thick hairs. He was a very obedient student in school. I did like him so much and I do.

Moreover, he was good in studies such as he got the highest percentage in every class. Certainly, he was a master in maths because he solved difficult sums in just a few minutes as well as impressed all the teachers even the principal of my school. Apart from it, he took part in many competitions and folk programmes and won medals.

If I talk about his personality,  He is down to earth, honest, hardworking person who respects to his elders. Besides it, he helps to the poverty-stricken students with money and tuition. He helped me many times in studies.

After completion of his 12th standard, he had joined the IELTS course and got 8 bands in it. He went to Australia for further studies. He is a manager in a reputed hotel over there. Now, whenever he calls me, he enforces me to go there for my further studies. I always appreciate her for being a successful person.

All in all, I want to be like him. After completion of my studies here, I shall go to Australia to meet him.

Sample 2:-

Well! it makes me happy when any known get success and have completed their dreams. Today,  I would like to talk about my closest friend’s success that I am proud of. After my friends’ son was in the kinder garden and no longer needed here to look after in the daytime, she decided to return to the workplace to earn some money.

She wanted to become an insurance agent in the big insurance company in Chandigarh. So, she had to pass the exam to get the certificate of insurance qualification. Since she had left school for many years, that’s why it would be a tough task for her.

Furthermore, she had to deal with loads of textbooks which were very thick and complicated. And there were many things that she needed to understand and memorize as well. Then she came to me and told me that she was not good at studying but she will definitely overcome it this time.

Then, I advised her to attend the training school in the daytime and sometimes she studied late at night. I never thought of her to be so determined.

Moreover, after a few weeks of hard work, she told me one day that she had successfully passed the exam, and becomes eligible to join the company. I was really proud of her because she could begin to do what she had always wanted to do.

Talk about the situation when your friend got success

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