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Describe a place such as a park or sports ground which has developed in your city

Describe a place such as a park or sports ground which has developed in your city

You should say:

Sample 1:-

Although I belong to a small village named Malliana, it is a developing village of Punjab state with modern facilities in it such as a school, a dispensary, electrical supply, a park, a sports ground and so on. About five thousand people live over there related to different religions and casts. But they live there with love without any conflicts.

I have been residing there with my family since my birth. About two months ago,  there was a problem with sources of drinking water’s cleaning in my village. Every villager complained to gram panchayat about this inconvenient. The main person of Gram panchayat called Sarpanch according to the constitution of India.

The  Sarpanch of my village organized a meeting with all members of Gram Panchayat. They decided to solve the problem of cleaning the drinking water in my village. Sarpanch distributed the whole village into parts and ordered to other panchayat members to do work to solve this problem. He issued money from  Gram Panchayat Kota to every Ward.

There was an R.O. System was established in an open place in the outskirts of my village. Panchayat Members hired labor to do it. The working force set up water pipeline in the whole village through which, every home of the village get clean and fresh water. All the villagers were highly elated after this new development in my village.

Everything was completed like a project by the Gram Panchayat. I know about this project because my loving mother is Member of Gram Panchayat in my village, Malliana. She also put her contribution to this development.

All in all, I know very well that the development of a park or a sports ground is essential for villagers but according to my perceptions, Clean source of drinking water is necessary rather than anything other.

Sample 2:-

I belong to Bathinda city. Well! there are numbers of places in our city to visit. Here, I would like to describe a park named Rose Garden. It is situated on Bathinda-Barnala road, Hazura-Kapoora Colony. And it spreads over a massive area of 40,000 sq. meter.

Furthermore, the garden, as the name suggests, is famous for its varied species of rose. It is built in the ’70-’80s and this park has been associated with the city for long. There are ample numbers of trees and beautiful flowers. Its sitting facilities make it worth a relaxing stroll and its a delight to scroll in wee hours in the morning. A crowd here makes you feel whole of Bathinda has become health conscious.

Moreover, there is no problem with parking. A large area has been allotted for the parking. So, for the visitors, there are no worries to park their vehicles here.  In addition, it is a very well maintained garden by Municipal boards of Bathinda.

The “Appu Ghar” for children here is very good. So, you must watch if a visit there. There are also numbers of rides available for the children are very cheap. So, you must visit this place for children. And definitely, they will enjoy it. To wrap up, I must say, this garden becomes the heart of our city, day by day.

Describe a place such as a park or sports ground which has developed in your city

Describe a place such as a park or sports ground which has developed in your city

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