Talk about a time when you received money as a gift

Talk about a time when you received money as a gift

You should say:

  • Who was he?

  • How do you know him?

  • What was the occasion?

Sample 1:-

Well, a present is a token of love. Human beings distribute gifts with each other to show their feelings and affection. Some persons give items as a gift whereas some people give money as a gift.  Once a time, I also received a big amount of money. My grandfather gave it to me on my birthday. I explain it briefly.

Last month, my birthday was on 8 February and this was my 23rd birthday. My parents organized a party for me. In the morning of that day, I woke up early in the morning. Then, I wished to my parents as well as grandparents and gained their blessings. They gave best wishes to me for my birthday. I thanked them a lot. But they did not discuss with me how would I like to celebrate my birthday. I was astonished on this matter.

I got ready for college. I  had breakfast and went to college. There I spent time with my friends and all wished me for my birthday. As well, I studied there. In the noon, I came back to my home. But no one reacted about the birthday party. I sadly sit in my room.

Then, at 7:30 pm, My brother suddenly came into my bedroom and tied my eyes with a piece of cloth. I asked him what happened but did not tell me anything. He took me on the roof of my house. He took a piece of cloth from my eyes. I  felt so much astounded. My parents organized a surprise birthday party for me. I felt on the ninth cloud at that time.


They invited near and dear ones without informing me. Everybody wished me and clapped for me. I cut the cake which was baked by my loving mom because she has great culinary skills. That cake was mouth-watering. Then, everybody gave me gifts. But my grandfather gave me 75 thousand rupees as a gift. I was not ready to take it but my mother said to me that if any elder gives money as a gift to you, then take it without any excuses. Because they show their love through it.

Then, I took that money from my dear grandfather. He knew that I have completed my 12th standard and now I have a need for money to take admission in a good course. Then, I saved it in my bank account to use it according to my need.

All in all, That was the time when I received money as a present from my grandfather.

Sample 2:-

Well! receiving a gift make us excited as we wonder about what can be in the present. All the gifts amaze our money as a gift is extremely popular in my country, in fact, it can be called a tradition. Here, I would like to talk about the time when I received money as a gift. It was the time when I was in 10th standard. My school organized a debate competition and we have to perform in front of the whole school. I became anxious after having my teacher. I share this thing with my mother. Then, she told me that we should never be afraid to try new things. Talk about a time when you received money as a gift

After, a debate competition I got the 2nd position. When I came to the home, my mother and father bought a present for me. My mother gave me a piece of cloth but my father was confused when I open the present, I was amazed because there was money in the present.

My father said to me, I don’t know what I should give you. You can purchase anything from this money. Then, I planned to have dinner with my family with that money. So, thats how I spent that money which I got as a gift.


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Talk about a time when you received money as a gift

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