Describe Plant Grown in Your Country You Think Is Important

Describe plant grown in your country you think is important You should say:

  • What is it?
  • Why do you think it is important?
  • Where is it found?

Sample 1:- Describe Plant Grown in Your Country You Think Is Important

Well, India is a diverse country. There are a variety of plans that are being grown by Indian citizens such as Neem, Basil, Turmeric and so on. But here I would like to talk about the most important plant named Aloe Vera plant. This plant is small in size and very easy to grow. Because we can plant it in any type of soil. This plant has multifarious benefits to a human being. I explain it briefly.

Firstly, Aloe Vera is used in various medicines such as antibiotics, anti fungus and so on. The doctor adviced to diabetic patients to apply Aloe Vera gel on their feet to reduce the effect of diabetes. Secondly, many people grow it in front of their home for the decoration purpose. I also have grown it nearby the main entrance of my house. It needs less water to grow but a large amount of sunlight to grow well.

Moreover, some persons grow it in the beautiful pots and keep it in their bedroom just near to the window. Because it produces ten times extra oxygen in the environment rather than other plants. It sucks harmful bacterias from the air and refreshes the bedroom. Apart from it, Aloe Vera has been using in the home remedies by Indian manpower. Its gel is very beneficial in the skin as well as hair problems such as tanned skin, hair fall, uric acid, and joint pain.


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People cut this plant’s parts and cook it as a dish that purifies the blood of a human body. Furthermore, I use its gel on my hair to make them healthy and lengthy. I have been doing it for one year in order to reduce the hair fall problem. In the past time, my hairs were short and I wanted to make them longer.

Then, once a time I read about a home remedy to grow long hairs on the internet. I watched that Aloe Vera gel is also a part of this remedy. So, I grew it in my home and started using it. Now, my hairs are so long and a plethora of humans ask about my long hairs. I say them that it is a miracle of Aloe Vera gel.

All in all, it is a very beneficial plant for each and every person. Everyone should grow it in the home.

Sample 2:- Describe Plant Grown in Your Country You Think Is Important

Well, there are lots of plants grown in my country and many of them have their own significance. Today, I would like to speak about Neem tree which grows on wide range in our country. It has lots of benefits to human health as it uses to make a number of medicines. There are some excellent ways in which we can use Neem leaves.

Moreover, Neem leaves are good wound healer, used to reduce dandruff, ear ailments and other skin disorders, etc, While from Neem seeds, we can extract oil which is rich in medicinal properties It can also be used in cosmetics, beauty products such as soap, hair oil, hand wash, etc. Ayurveda also uses Neem in their every product and It is believed in my country that small babies are fed Neem to a cure-all.

However, This tree is found in throughout India, mainly in villages. Although, it is widely found in Bandhavgarh National Park and Sariska wildlife sanctuary park in India. So, due to all these uses, it is popular in my country.


Question: Do people in your country like to grow plants at home?

Answer: Yes, in my country India, folks are growing plants at home and home gardening is very famous in urban areas. People grow different sorts of plants like as: all types of flowers, aloe vera, green chilly, okra and so on. Children also like gardening as a hobby.

Question: Do old people grow plants?

Answer: Definitely, old folks love too much as well as, they have proper knowledge related to planting. My uncle likes planting at home. He always guides me related to planting and he has a small garden in the backyard as well as, he grows many sorts of flowers, vegetables and so on.

Question: How do schools teach students to grow plants?

Answer: Actually, the school does not teach these types of things because, I know about school management as well as, sometimes schools are organized environment activities and teachers give the information to students how to take care the plants and environment. cutting trees are very dangerous for human beings.

Question: What is the main plant in your country?

Answer: India is a diverse country and Indian people are enjoying all types of climate and all sorts of plants grow here as well as, every plant have own importance. Banana plant has its own importance because banana tree roots are used in many medicines. the banana tree is a very pious tree which symbolizes Lord Vishnu. People worship the tree on Thursday for a good future.

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