Describe Someone You Know Who Is a Good Cook

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Describe someone you know who is a good cook. You should say:

who this person is
how you know him or her
what kinds of food he/she cooks

Nowadays, everyone tries to be a good cook, and the paradigm shift is responsible for making people develop good culinary skills. I like to talk about a person who is a good cook, and she is not other than my mother. My mother has good cooking skill, and she really makes palatable food. Ever since I have grown up, I have seen her making different cuisines and trying out a new one.

She is able to prepare junk food as well as traditional food. Sometimes she makes desserts, and the taste is superb. Here I would like to talk about one incident when my mother made staple food on our guest’s arrival from overseas. Actually, the guest lived in our locality, and for many years, they lived in Canada for their greener pasture. So it was the time when they made a plan to visit our home.

We were delighted with the arrival of the guests. When they reached, and my mother welcomed them, and it was nighttime, so she prepared Cornbread with mustard leaf to make them remind us about our culture. She also made delicious rice pudding by garnishing it with raisins.

The aroma of mixed vegetable prepares them to eat all. They appreciated the preparation of my mother, and the dessert was mind-blowing. Since then, I suggested my mother run her cooking classes, and my mother has now become an eminent personality due to her good cooking skill.

Part 3 Follow Up Questions Describe Someone You Know Who Is a Good Cook

Question 1: What are the prospects of building a career as a cook in your country?

Well, there are golden opportunities for the masses to build their career as a cook. They can start their work by making a variety of food items and sell them in the market. In this way, they can exhibit their culinary skills and earn name and fame. In this way, people become self-employed, and they don’t feel the need for the help of others.

Question 2: What special dishes do you want to taste? Why?

I would like to taste ethnic cuisine because I have seen in many videos that ethnic cuisine is palatable and can be made in various forms. On top of that, it is less fried and full of nutrients. So I would like to eat more western food.

Question 3: What traditional food you would like your foreign friends to try?

Well, I would like to suggest my friends, especially those who live overseas, taste the staple food of my country that is Cornbread with mustard leaf and kidney beans and rice. After every meal, I would recommend them to eat jaggery and rice pudding, if they have a sweet tooth. Rice pudding is very luscious, especially when it is garnished with raisins.

Question 4: How often do Indian people cook at home?

Indian people cook food in their regular routine as they eat more staple food and less relied on fast food. Occasionally, they eat foreign food when they go outside. Otherwise, they love to prepare food at home.

Question 5: There are more restaurants nowadays. Do you think people eat out more?

Well, nowadays people don’t like to dine out as they are more aware of their health. They don’t put their lives in danger. Therefore, they love to eat at their home instead of visiting famous restaurants and eating more. Sometimes they go outside to eat, and when any guest comes to their home and makes him or her feel special, people go outside to eat.

Question 6: Do schools have cooking classes in your country?

Yes, public schools have cooking classes not only for the girls but also for the boys as well. Because now there is no gender discrimination. The culinary skills are cultivated among students in order to make them independent so that in the later periods of their life, if they want to become a chef or work in any restaurant, then they can exhibit their skills and can earn name and fame. Besides, if they plan to study abroad, the skill is also helpful for preparing food for them.

Question 7: Do you think we should teach children how to cook?

Yes, we should teach children to learn cooking as it will make them independent. In the absence of the parents, they can prepare food for themselves as well as this thing will develop good culinary skill in them, and they can flourish their career by stepping into a reputed restaurant in their later period of life.

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