Some People Think That Young People Can Learn Useful Skills


Some People Think That Young People Can Learn Useful Skills by Playing Electronic and Computer Games. Others Argue That People Who Play Electronic and Computer Games Are Wasting Their Time. Discuss Both Views and Give Your Opinion.

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In today’s world, people have different views on whether spending time on video or computer games is beneficial. While it augments several abilities in youngsters, I believe that this activity can upsurge a massive level of addiction amidst juveniles and can also result in detrimental health effects.

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On the one hand, there are various causative factors why a section of society considers playing on a play station as well as on laptops advantageous.  Primarily, this activity of teenagers instills useful skills, such as problem-solving and logical thinking significantly. While getting involved in a game like puzzle games with blocks on a computer or solving 3D maze games develops the ability to act mindfully in difficult situations by constantly solving the hurdles at different game levels. Additionally, when playing with a variety of options available in a video game, the young persons can learn good building skills, their ability of creativity, and the imagination can also go beyond the limit. Apparently, electronic games play a pivotal role in several skills in youths.

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On the other hand, I agree with those who argue that occupying gaming activities is an utter time-wastage. Apart from this, there are numerous disadvantageous repercussions on the mental and physical growth of young people. Predominantly, as from the standpoint of mental development, most adolescents develop extreme addiction levels in playing computer games, for instance, the curiosity of clearing one level to another and becoming a winner by scoring the maximum to brag amongst his peers. Hence, this undeniably separates them from the real world to the virtual world and could not act wisely in society. Besides, this also results from a great setback in their academic success. Furthermore, while playing with electronic games, most young ones develop the habit of constant sitting that leads them towards the disease of obesity and diabetes. As a result, this becomes a great hindrance in their physical progress.


In conclusion, I firmly believe that although there is a bit of benefit to playing with computers and electronic games, the drawbacks in the sphere of communal, intellectual, and corporal progress are equally significant.

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These days technology is playing a vital role in our life, and it is evolving drastically high. The major outcomes of these new technologies are electronic and computer games. In the olden day’s people used to play games outside the playground, they have Physical cards to play Uno and physical rolling Dice for Ludo and Snacks and ladder, but now everything replaced with Apps and Play stations. Kids are playing all these games on a Computer or in Play stations, and they will have Next-gen Games like PubG and uncharted series. These Computer games will have their Pros and Cons. We will discuss them in this Essay.

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These computer games have their advantages, like some games will improve children’s creativity, for example, N-Back is a game that can improve Children’s memory if you play daily. Some games will teach children how to handle pressure situations and teach them to improve their mental strength. Computer games will help children to think fast and correctly. There are many games you can find on the market they only develop to improve the Mental Stability of children.

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But when it comes to the disadvantages of computer games, these are addictive and time-consuming. Children can miss outside games and physical activities, which they must need to become physically strong. Lots of Graphics can affect their eyesight. They will become lazy and lethargic if they are addicted to computer games.


So, in my opinion, you should restrict your children to play Computer games to some extent as you cannot avoid it. It would help if you were encouraged to play outside rather than playing in a single room.

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