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Describe Someone You Really Like to Spend Time With

Describe Someone You Really Like to Spend Time With (1200 × 800 px)

Describe someone you really like to spend time with

Sample answer of Describe Someone You Really Like to Spend Time With

Well, I am an extrovert person, And I love to spend time with both family and bosom friends. However, here I would like to talk about the best person whom I like to spend my free time with. He is none other than my nephew, and he is ten years old. His name is Gurnavdeep Singh, but he is nicknamed ‘Gunnu.’ I‘ve some friends with whom I also jell well. But gunnu is my lucky charm .He has given me many reasons to giggle and rejoice.

I would say I was the first person after his mother to hold him in my hands when he was born. He is an amazingly handsome boy. My sister decided to migrate to Canada, and it was difficult for her to nurture gunnu as he was only three years old at that time. My mother volunteered to raise him, and then he became an integral part of our day-to-day life.

Actually, we did boundless activities. For example, we play many games together. We play chess together, with a true sense of rivalry. He has beaten me in volleyball many times because his controls and reflexes are quick. Apart from it, during weekends, he joins me for jogging and meditation, and we relish the fruit juices then after. 

 To be honest, I was not the type of person who liked to watch cartoon movies, but wherever any new cartoon movie shows now, he books the auditorium tickets using the app and forces me to go with him. Initially, I did not enjoy it, but then I found a child inside me, and now I go with the flow.

No matter how smart and mature we think of ourselves, kids are really great at providing perspective. Until they get mature, they typically have no serious relationship drama; that’s the best thing they gift us. Gunnu is one of those virtuous and bubbly boys. He is a really fun-loving boy. He would surprise me with his hilarious school stories and familiarize me with new apps and games. He is everything for me, and I really enjoy his company.

Follow-ups Describe Someone You Really Like to Spend Time With

Question 1 How do you usually spend your time?

Answer – Books are my best pal. I love reading fictional and motivational novels. In fact, if I find something interesting on the internet, I would read every detail of it. Apart from this, I also give a bit of my time to tv shows and stay tuned to the news, too. I Love watching music channels and BBC World News. I try not to miss watching TV shows such as music competitions and comedy shows. I am also a health freak. The moment I get some time, I would go jogging. There is a long list of things that I do.

Question 2 Why do some young people dislike living with old people

Answer – To be precise, I have no idea why young people have such an attitude toward seniors. The arrogance of the youth blinds them. I guess they feel old people as a burden who keep on nagging at them. However, it is not true. The youth detest being controlled and disciplined not in all the cases, but mostly it is a fact.

Question 3 Do you like to spend time on your own or with your family or friends?

Answer – Well, I am both family and social type of personality. It depends upon the occasion, time, and situation. I choose my companions. For example, I would attend all the family functions with zeal and take my family out for dinner and tourism. At the same time, I leave no stone unturned to enjoy the company of my friends. Yes, I spare some time for myself too. Because when you talk to yourself, you also listen to your inner voice, and your soul is also the best companion in life.

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