Describe someone you would like to study or work with

# Describe someone you would like to study or work with

You should say:

  • who this person is
  • how long you have known this person
  • what you have done together
  • and why you would like to study or work with this person


I’m going to tell you about my friend Veronica. She is the type of friend that you know always has good intentions (kind, means well) and would never do anything to hurt you. Furthermore, she is extremely loyal, understanding, and down to earth (not thinking she is better than others). Even though she is a highly educated and intelligent person, she would never use these qualities to be condescending to another person.

We first met back in 2016 in a month-long, intensive Spanish class in Cusco, Peru. The nature of our course there was very open, causing us to share private details about our lives and even embarrassing stories, so this made it easier to get closer as a class. We spent 7 hours a day together in that class, along with about ten others, so I would say we got to know each other very well. When we broke into (divided) groups, we would often work together, which always went well. I felt that she was still a helpful classmate, never one to make you feel dumb for not knowing an answer. After the class, we remained close friends throughout our entire year in Cusco. During that whole time, she never did anything that rubbed me the wrong way (to make angry).

With all this said, this is why I would enjoy studying or working with Veronica. I feel that she would always remain sincere, regardless of any cutthroat (bad intentions) workplace environment or competitive or prestigious (of high class) academia. Furthermore, I feel that she would always be there to help me out, and I would never worry that she would be conniving. Lastly, I see that she

is a hard-working, dedicated person, so that would make her an even better candidate. Since we already have some experience as classmates and even more as friends, this is why I chose to talk about her.

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