Describe something interesting that happened in your school

Describe something interesting that happened in your school

You should say:

  • What it was
  • Where it happened
  • who was there
  • And explain how you felt about it

Sample answer

I’m going to talk about one of the highlights of my high school years. First, let me give you some background. In American culture, we tend to go all out (celebrate fully) when it comes to entertainment or sporting events. At the beginning of a new school year, we have a formal school danced called “homecoming”. Leading up to this dance, we have a particular football game to kick off (start) the year. Before these two events, we have an event called the pep rally in which cheerleaders perform in the school gymnasium as well as have special guest speakers to motivate us for this year. This specific year we were in for a special treat!

Well, my school organized for an exceptional guest, Kel from a famous TV show called “Kenan and Kel” from the ’90s. As the cheerleaders were leading their cheers, suddenly he appeared singing the song from the famous TV show, which was the soundtrack of the childhood of many in that gymnasium. In the TV show, he was recognized for drinking orange soda, so our school even provided this for us to wave in the air during his dance or also ask for autographs afterward.

I felt thrilled about this. More than excited (extremely happy), I felt shocked that my small public school was able to arrange and afford such a famous star to come to our school of any, as I went to a simple public high school in a small, rural town. As he entered the gym, I felt as if my hard we’re going to explode from excitement. After his performance, I asked him to sign my orange soda bottle. I have kept it dearly on this special day!



What courses will be added in your high school?

Hmm, nowadays there are many new courses on the rise. In my country, Art hasn’t always been an area of focus, as there is more emphasis (more attention) on Math, Science, and Literature. With this said, they have decided to add more Art courses, including performing arts. Moreover, they are adding more Home Economics courses, to learn skills such as sewing, cooking, and managing personal finances. Lastly, they are adding more related to health, such as Sexual Education and Mental Health. I think these will all contribute to a brighter future.

What courses will be helpful in future work?

All of these new courses! I think the Arts will undoubtedly benefit students in the future, as it helps them to channel their creativity in whichever field of work they choose. Furthermore, Home Economics courses will provide students with hands-on experiences in the real world, such as managing a budget, cooking for their families, etc. Moreover, I believe it’s of extreme importance for students to have information about their sexual health to avoid unwanted pregnancies, STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases), health risks of our genitals, etc.

Lastly, as the world is becoming more conscious of mental health, it’s critical for the new generation to be informed, and later empathetic towards those suffering from that kind of conditions.

Will it be more useful to read online than books?

Hmm, well although reading online can be beneficial towards the cutting down of trees, I think there is something about the value of holding a book. I’m not sure that we, as humans, will ever fully get rid of (eliminate) this. Moreover, staring at a screen can be damaging to the eyes. On the other hand, with new technologies on the rise, it may be more useful to buy E-books or novels from your Kindle, iPod, etc. So, I think there are two sides to this.

What do students do after school in your country?

Well, it varies depending on the financial status and demands of the parents. Some parents insist that their children go to extra classes or tutors so that they can excel above others in their ranks, while others let their kids go home and play or go to their friends’ houses to hang out. Furthermore, some kids go to extracurricular activities, such as sports or learning instruments. A favorite game is a basketball or soccer, or to take piano or violin lessons. Lastly, some schools offer after-school programs for parents who work late. In these programs, they organize activities such as games, tutoring, language learning, etc.


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