Describe something lost by others but found by you

# Describe something lost by others but found by you

You should say:

  • who it belonged to
  • when it was lost
  • how the person lost it
  • how you found it

I’m going to tell you about a time I found a large sum of money, $3,000 to be exact, in a parking lot during the Christmas season about ten years ago now. As I know this is a fragile financial time for people, I certainly didn’t want to pick it up and claim it as my own. As I’m also a firm believer in karma (the belief that what goes around, comes around), I was afraid to do such a thing. So, I immediately turned it into customer service. As I was approaching the desk, I saw the mother standing there panicking asking about the money she had lost and requesting to see the security camera. To her surprise, I tapped (lightly touched) her on the shoulder to return her cash.

It turned out to belong to a mother of 4 children who were frantically (stressfully) doing last minute Christmas shopping. She was walking across the parking lot with a baby in her arms, a toddler in the other, and two older children are arguing. She was quite overwhelmed and mistakenly dropped the cash near her parking spot. She soon after realized and went inside to the customer service desk just minutes before I arrived. I’m sure her faith was restored in humanity (the happiness you get when someone does something beautiful for you)!

I spotted (saw) it is rolled up and pinned together by a belt clip near my parking space. Hesitant at first, I picked it up and immediately scanned the area for someone with a frantic look on their face, which I didn’t see at the moment. Minutes after, I took the cash inside and found the mother there. In conclusion, it feels better, to be honest!

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