Describe Something that Saves Your Time IELTS Cue Card

Describe something that saves your time?

You should say

  • What it is?
  • When do you usually do it?
  • Why do you do it?
  • And explain how you think it saves your time?

Simple answer of Describe Something that Saves Your Time

Well, it’s a pretty complicated or tricky question for me to choose any activity that I do to save my precious time because nowadays, we live in a competitive era, and everyone is running in a rat race to compete with others and save their times. In fact, I do various small things to manage my time and utilize it properly, for instance, meditation, taking a nap, and Planning; however, digital payment is an absolutely fantastic thing that I found to save me enormous time and money.

To be honest with you, when I was buying something or paying bills, I had to stand in a long queue to wait my turn to pay my bill, but one of my friends recommended that I follow the digital payment method, which is relatively safe faster than offline mode. He suggested downloading the google pay app on your mobile phone and use whenever you need to pay. Now I use this digital payment method on a daily basis to save my time.

The main reason I use it regularly? is undoubtedly it saves my precious time because, with the help of this, I have no need to go out to pay my all credits. In simple words, I just spend all my bills while sitting at home and doing other work. In addition to it, this is the most reliable or safe way to pay because google protects our payment information with multiple security layers that help keep our account safe.

Honestly, I believe that digital or cashless payment gives us loads of benefits, not only saving our time but also giving us other offers like coupons, rewards or discounts, and so on. If I am talking about my feeling, I feel relaxed or calm after using this because it helps me to save valuable time.

Truly speaking, being an elder child, I have an all responsibility for my household chores, so when I used to pay my all credits, for instance, electricity bills, telephone bills, booking then it was pretty hard for me to go physically to places and pay cash.

On the contrary, now, it has become increasingly easier to make a payment within one second with this online platform.

Moreover, during a covid pandemic, it was the safest and the only secure method to transfer transactions .all in all, this is the way I save huge time and money with digital payment.

FOLLOW-UPS Describe Something that Saves Your Time

Question 1:-Do you believe in Time Management?

Answer:- Yes, definitely time management is extremely important to achieve success in life, and in fact, if an individual wants to acquire his/her dream, firstly, he/ she needs to be organized time properly and do proper Planning. In my opinion, time management is a process of Planning and controlling how much time spend on a specific activity. To add to it, good time management enables an individual to compete for more in a short time, lower stress, and lead to career success.

Question 2: What do you think? Today’s technology is used everywhere. Does it save time?

Answer:Undoubtedly yes, with the advancement of technology, it is become easy to save time and money because nowadays, technology provides various features and benefits that save human beings’ efforts and help to do work within seconds. For example, in restaurants, robots take over the waiter’s work, and computers do work faster than a human beings. Despite benefits, it also reduces the value of manpower because we depend on machinery.

Question 3. Do you think Planning is important for time management?

Answer – Yes, definitely planning plays a vital role in time management; Planning helps us tithing in advance what, how, and when the thing is to be done. It helps in bridging the gap between where we currently are and where we want to go.

Question 4. Do you think children should learn to manage time?

Answer – Yes, I strongly agree with it; managing time should be taught at very early stages of life. If a child learns to be on their own, they will never be dependent on any other person for their achievements. In addition to it, that will be beneficial for them in their academics, and by knowing time management lessons, they also learn to give appropriate time to their study, sports, and other things.

Question 5. How would you teach your children time management?

Answer – Well, I will teach them the art of managing time from the very beginning, wherein I will assign them some sort of activities which they will need to complete within the time limit, and to motivate them, I will reward them with gifts and outings.

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