Describe Something That You Have Shared With Others

Describe something that you have shared with others (or another person). You should say:

  • what you shared?
  • Who you shared it with?
  • Why you shared it?
  • And explain how you felt about sharing it?

I precisely remember that when I was in Bangalore in 2008, I was so much disturbed by my family and financial problems. One of my friends got an indication that I am not well. I’m not doing well, so he just suggested a meditation workshop which was going to be conducted by the art of living near my home. Hence, it was basically 4 days workshop in which you have to go there and keep yourself aside and sit in the meditation.

So I was first of all very much resistant to attending this workshop but then finally I decided and registered and went into the workshop on the first day I found it very boring but on the second day, they were having a task that we need to share our most sad part of our life with an unknown participant over there in the program.

So I was having my buddy there sitting in front of me and I wholeheartedly told him everything which I was facing and the good part about this process was the body was keeping the promise to not share anything which I tell to him in this process so I told him everything my financial issues my family problems and I feel immense lightness after that and it was a wonderful feeling I was feeling excited again after doing this process.

I don’t know why I shared with the unknown person but it really feels good when you share something which makes you feel better in one or the other way and yes I am glad that I did this course and after returning that from that course I really thank that friend who suggested me to conduct to attend that program and yes from 2019 it was impossible to stop me by doing it again and again so after that course I did it 6 times in a year so I’m basically waiting for this coronavirus pandemic to end and I can visit that place again and do advanced meditation program again so that’s all my experience is

Follow-Ups of Describe Something That You Have Shared With Others

Question 1:- Why do people like to share things with others?

Well, people like to share things with the near and dear ones too. I have a feeling of lightness when they share something, which is, you know, really occupying some space in their mind then they are not doing their work or study, so I think a feeling of lightness they get by sharing.

Question 2:- Is it good to share your personal things with others?

So there are 2 sides to these questions. I think it is good to share something with others, but we should always be aware that whom we are sharing our personal things because many people these days just getting benefits out of what we share with them, so we have to be very careful about the person whom we are sharing our personal information with so yes it’s good to share, but we have to be aware that’s my point is

Question 3:- Have you ever shared your personal details with your friends?

Indeed I am not an odd man out I had shared many things with my friends because I remember in 2018 when I was staying alone in a hostel due to my studies I was so depressed because I was not able to meet my parents occasionally, so I used to share this frustration and my depression with my friends staying back with me in the hostel, and yes I was lucky enough to get those kinds of friends to share my feelings and my frustration they basically help me to cope up with the situation.

Question 4:- Can we share our mobile with others?? Why or why not?

I think we should not hesitate to share mobile phones with our family members and friends who are very near to us. Still, we should always be careful when sharing our mobile phones with our colleagues and especially with strangers because they can basically use mobile phones to damage the damage of our cells. Apart from that, we have also seen many cases in India where strangers take phones from innocent people, and they’re just run away; on the other hand, we can always rely on sharing our mobile phones with our family members and friends because they don’t have generally bad intentions of hurting us.

Question 4:- How can parents teach sharing to their children?

Indeed at a very early age, parents are the role models for their children. They learn so many things from their parents who can teach them basic values in life. Hence, sharing is one of that values. They should always teach their child to share their food and to share their happiness with others; on the other hand, they should always make them aware about bad things in our society that they should not share their personal identification number of credit card debit card or they should not share any personal information related to their house with the strangers recently it happened that one of the strangers asked a child about the security cameras in his house and children as an innocent person told everything about the security camera locations in that house. As a result, the house was stolen by that person, and it is happening nowadays more often so we should be aware, and we should always teach our children about such bad things.

Question 6:- Do young ones like to share their personal things in your area?

So my locality is Gujarati, and basically, these people are brilliant. They teach their children in the same way, so young ones in my area are very much aware of what to share and what not generally do not open the door without knowing who is in front of the door, so I think they are geniuses.

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