Describe Something You Did that Was Difficult but Successful

Describe something you did that was difficult but successful.

  • What you did do?
  • how you did do it?
  • How difficult it was?
  • Why you are proud of it?

Sample Answer of Describe Something You Did that Was Difficult but Successful

Anything new we try is difficult initially, but as we keep trying, it becomes easy over time. I vividly remember I started learning to cook properly during the lockdown period. I tried many new things, from Indian veg curries to Italian lasagna. However, the most difficult thing for me was to make proper round and soft Indian bread which we call roti.

Making roti requires three steps: making proper dough, then rolling it around and then cooking it in the pan; believe me, each step is tricky. I learned to make dough but rolling it around and cooking it softly was really hard for me. I tried for almost two weeks, and then I was about to give up; that’s when my mom stepped in and showed me my mistakes.

After my mother showed me a trick to roll it around, I learned it within two days, and after that, she also helped me with cooking on the pan and finally, after hustling for like three weeks, I was able to make proper round soft Indian bread. I know it is a small thing, but for me, it was like a big achievement, and I felt jubilant after succeeding in making roti.

Part 3 Questions Describe Something You Did that Was Difficult but Successful

Question 1:- Are successful people often lonely?

Answer – well, I don’t think so. Of course, to be successful, one needs to work hard and focus on their dreams, and so chances are there that they can’t be available all the time, so they might lose a few people, but supportive family and understanding friends always stay no matter what so no they are not lonely.

Question 2:- In general, how do people judge or assess the success of others?

Answer – It depends on the mindset of individuals. Most people judge by how much money the person owns after that comes academic qualifications and job achievements.

Question 3:- Why do (or should) people set goals?

Answer – I think it becomes easy to achieve something when one sets goals. The dream of fulfilling it gives people constant motivation. I feel life becomes boring if a person doesn’t have any goals.

Question 4:- Do you believe in being successful and making a lot of money are the same thing?

Answer – No, I don’t think they are the same. Of course, money is important, and it is one of the measures of success, but if one has a lot of money but can’t sleep peacefully at night, then according to me it’s not success. Being successful means not achieving only career goals; being successful means maintaining a proper work-life balance.

Question 5:- What does it take to become successful?

Answer – The essential factor for being successful, in my opinion, is hard work. Hard Work and consistency can beat anything. Talent is natural, but after having it, if one doesn’t work hard, don’t think he/she can be successful.

Question 6:- What does it take to become successful faster?

Answer – Success is not just a journey of one night. It requires a lot of hard work and dedication. One must have to stick to their goal even if the path seems difficult, and honestly, there is no shortcut to success.

Question 7:- Why is it some people achieve success faster?

Answer – People become successful by setting goals and then chasing them. They never give up in the middle. Even if the situation becomes worse, they keep doing things that need to be done.

Question 8:- Do you think that mistakes can help people achieve the greatest success?

Answer – Yes, mistakes teach the most important life lessons, and the best thing about successful individuals is that they learn from their mistakes and never repeat them.

Question 9:- Do you agree that today’s success mainly depends on being able to manage time effectively?

Answer – Yes, in today’s fast-paced life, where people have become workaholics, it is important to manage time properly. Managing time is essential in every field if one wants to live a healthy lifestyle.

Question 10:- What skills are important for success in business?

Answer – I think business marketing and proper communication skills are the most important. Marketing helps businesses to reach people. After marketing comes the quality of the product. Because of effective marketing, people will buy the product for the first time, but if the quality is good, people can become regular customers.

Question 11:- How do people achieve success at school?

Answer – Well, in school, success is mostly defined as getting good marks or winning some sports competition, and both of these can be achieved by proper practice.

Question 12:- Which do you think is more important in academic success or success in more practical everyday skills?

Answer – As a grown-up, I will definitely go for practical skills. After working in the real world, I have realised that bookish knowledge is not used every time, and one should definitely focus more on practical applications.

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