Large Businesses Have Big Budgets for Marketing and Promotion

Large businesses have big budgets for marketing and promotion, and, as a result, people gravitate towards buying their products. What problems does this cause? What could be done to encourage people to buy local products?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

Sample Answer for Large Businesses Have Big Budgets for Marketing and Promotion

Large corporations spend lavishly on their products for advertising and selling; resultantly, people, by saying good quality or branded things, get allure to purchase those products. I think this attitude of people will make them spendthrift, which can lead them to bankruptcy. Creating awareness to escalate the local economy if they purchase local products can be a good solution.

First off, glossy advertisement, hefty discount fascinate masses to spend out of their budget. This thing can create many problems for the people and local businesses as people will become addicted to purchasing despite the real need for the product. In addition, sometimes their extravagant behaviour can make them pauper, and they can ruin their life. For instance, brochures, pamphlets are the real source of spreading information about anything. When these are presented with extra features, people tend to buy, and thus they live in use and throw society. Thus their impulsive nature of buying things puts an adverse effect on local enterprises too. People buy fewer local products and spend more on branded clothes. Thus it becomes a Herculean task for entrepreneurs to survive their business and experience a heavy financial loss.

On the other hand, as every cloud has a silver lining, similarly websites, social media, interviews are the best solution to solve this problem. Local businesses can be saved by updating the masses about the latest products with the help of the internet. They can upload the interview on social sites with the genuine feedback of those who have used those products. Then people will come to know to assist local enterprises by purchasing locally. For instance, now people flourish their undertaking with the help of social sites and get feedback instantly and earn profit. So, local inhabitants can visit and see in person the quality of the products. On the top of that, the masses can return the products they don’t need or are damaged; then they get compensation without delay.

In conclusion, Although big firms utilize enormous money to advertise and sell; but, it will fascinate youngsters or children to buy unnecessary things. It will spoil children’s habits and turn them into adopting hostile behaviour if what they want is not fulfilled. Motivating people to purchase within budget and maintaining the quality of the products can help enterprises survive in this competitive era.

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