Describe something you made by hand for your friend

Describe something you made by hand for your friend

You should say:

  • What was it?

  • When you made it?

  • How long it took to complete?

  • and explain how you felt for it?

Sample 1:-

Well, everyone likes to receive handmade presents because a gift is a token of love. We can express our feelings by giving a gift to our near and dear ones. And here I would like to talk about a present which I made for my friend Saba. Saba is my close friend. So, I had made a beautiful flower pot for her and gave it to her on her 18th birthday. I describe it briefly.

I am a student in Computer Engineering and I do not have enough time for other activities expect to study. On Saba’s 18th birthday, I wanted to give her a stunning gift. But unfortunately, I did not have time to go to the market to buy a birthday present for her. So, I decided to give her a handmade gift. I collected things which were available in my house such as ice-cream sticks, gum, a variety of colors, some artificial flowers and so on.

Firstly, I attached all the ice-cream sticks with the help of gum and did color them. I made a flower pot. After it, I put the artificial flowers in this pot. It looked very attractive. After it, I put it into a box and covered that box with a bright gift-wrapper. I felt highly elated after doing this task.

Further, on Saba’s birthday, her parents had organized a grand party for her. She invited me and other friends. I went to her home at her birthday party. I wished her and she was glad to see me. Then, she cut the cake and everybody who available in that party gave gifts to her. I also gave her a handmade gift. She thanked me for this present. during the party, we dance together and ate a number of dishes which were cooked by her mother.


At the end of the party, she started unwrapping all the gifts one by one. First of all, She opened a gift which I gave her. She felt immensely glad after seeing a beautiful flower pot. She thanked me again. On the time, I felt on the ninth cloud.

Eventually, a smile on her face made my day. I cannot express that memorable moment in the words. So, that was the time when I gave a handmade gift to someone.

Sample 2:-

Well, All people feel glad when they receive a gift or give a gift. it is just a source of happiness which might give a precious smile to the face of the person. here I would like to talk about a present which I had given to my friend ‘May Lee’, on her last birthday. actually, I have given a hand made a gift to may lee, actually, I am an expert to make crafts. so I made a handmade craft and give it to my friend on 8th February at her birthday.

it was beautiful scenery which is made of colored paper, colorful threads and cotton buds. it looked like a beautiful living flower plant, not artificial.i made it with my own efforts. firstly I colored the plain paper with a pink color. then, I took a fevi gum to attach the colorful threads. then, I draw up a temporary sketch of all scenarios. then, I attached all material with the help of a fevi gum one by one.

after the whole work had finished, a handcraft became very beautiful. all the scenario looks like a living thing. then, I framed it in a beautiful frame and wrapped it in a bright gift wrapper. then, I gave it to my friend, ‘May Lee ‘. she received it happily and felt very -very surprised as well as glad. I also pleased by seeing a precious smile on her beautiful face and I cannot explain it in words.

Sample 3:-

As I love arts, drawing and making things on my own, I completed my secondary education with arts and drawing subjects. I mostly make various items with my own ideas. Once I gave my creation to one of my friends at his birthday party for which he got so happy. I would like to describe it briefly. Describe something you made by hand for your friend. Describe something you made by hand for your friend
It was about a time when my friend’s birthday was coming. But I had not any option that what I need to give him as a gift. Because I wanted to give him something special. After thinking a lot, I finally decided to give him a collage frame in which his best photos are fitted.

I collected all his photographs which we clicked on various trips that we made together. Then I made various colleges and got help from my sister to choose the perfect one. Then I went to the photograph’s shop and got a printout of this college on a special sheet. After that, I bought a unique frame in which I fitted it. Describe something you made by hand for your friend 
It was looking so beautiful. He also became so happy to watch it. He was looked at it special that all of the others’ gifts. Even he hanged this frame in his bedroom and he told me that everyone praised this gift who visit his home.

Describe something interesting your friend has done but you haven’t.

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Describe something you made by hand for your friend


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