Describe a time you preferred to study indoors or outdoors

Describe a time you preferred to study indoors or outdoors

You Should Say:

  •   What is it

  • which study do you like

  • How you enjoy doing it

And explain why it is good.


Sample 1:-

Well, studying indoor or outdoor varies people to people. Everyone does it according to their own choice such as some like to study in their bedroom and some love to go to the library. But here I would like to talk about my choice. I like to study indoor, in my own bedroom. There are some reasons for it. I explain it briefly.

Firstly, I am a student in Computer Engineering and I do not have enough time to do other activities except studies. I always indulge in my studies from morning to evening. So, I get up early in the morning to do a study in the peace of morning time. Because morning time from 5:00 to 8:00 am is the best time to

On that time, no one disturbs me and I can properly concentrate on my studies. Secondly, After the whole day’s hectic schedule, I feel so tired till the evening which makes it hard for me to study. So, I go to bed around 8:00 pm.


Moreover, I have a computer in my bedroom. I can use it as per my convenient. Whenever my teachers give me project work, I complete it with the help of my personal computer. For instance, once a time, my science teacher gave a project work to each and every student in our class.

It was very difficult to project in which the Teacher prohibited us to get help from each other. I was worried because it was a computer-based project. But then, I decided to watch a tutorial on the YouTube website.

I searched for a video for my project and completed my project with my computer during the morning time. This site proved beneficial for me at that time because my teacher appreciated me for such a captivating project.

All in all, I prefer to study indoor. Because it is very comfortable for me to study at my home.

Sample 2:-

Well,  Nowadays, the education level has become so hard than before as now every student has to study most of his daytime. But according to me, the morning time 6 to 8 o’ clock is the perfect time to do an effective study indoors. I would like to share my words briefly with you. Describe a time you preferred to study indoors or outdoors

To begin with, some people like to study outdoors while others like to do an indoor study. According to me, An indoor study is far better than outdoor because, in the indoor study, we have not any kind of disturbance like traffic, neighbor, children’s noise, etc. So, in the indoor study, we can focus more on our study. Describe a time you preferred to study indoors or outdoors

Moreover, the traffic is increasing rapidly which has not left any place noise-less. So, it becomes difficult to find any noise-free place to do an outdoor study. So, while doing an outdoor study, you will definitely get distracted by traffic and can not focus on your study.

On the flip side, there are so many benefits of indoor studies. Firstly, we can properly set up our study room where all the study material is available. So, we don’t need to go anywhere to get any kind of study material.

Secondly, in your study room, you will get an environment of study which will help you to study effectively. Last but not least, you will never face any kind of distraction. Hence, studying indoors is highly beneficial as compared to outdoor study to make learning efficient.

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Describe a time you preferred to study indoors or outdoors

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