Describe Something You Received for Free: Recent Speaking Cue Card

Describe something you received for free

  • and what was it?
  • If it was helpful?
  • When do you get it?
  • What did you do with it?

Sample 1:- Describe Something You Received for Free

Numerous products and items which I had receive and today I want to talk about a particular item which was completely unprecedented and it was really useful and our life that was the mobile phone so in 2020 old TV was broken and we had to get it supplanted with a new one so we went to the showroom and selected One TV at the time of payment the vendor came and said that there is a of a going on and you will receive a mobile phone for free after getting to know regarding this dene I would say that this is the best gift I have ever received beneficial it was beneficial for us and numerous in many ways we were able to make phone calls we could send messages to one another directly at that time lockdown has started so my sister used it for listening and listening to online classes after that we were also able to take photos when we go for some outings and we have to read them on social media you also installed many applications in that phone which we used it for purchasing products online so this is these are some of the ways in which it was fruitful to us.

Sample 2 Describe Something You Received for Free

I received many free things in my life even if it’s a part of life and a lot of people receive a lot of things in their day-to-day lives and something technology related. People like to receive a lot of free things, and here I would like to talk about a gift for free I received a mobile phone for free from the company because I am a part of them actually I work in a software company with designated post and company provide me with a free of amenities such as mobile phone and another sort of products which like to use in my day to day life apart from that that mobile phone delivered by the company to my doorstep through courier when I got that order I was cloud nine because I had never received any kind of thing which totally free of cost even I also felt good about it because I experienced a lot of things I need to resolve over the mobile phone because of some of the crucial messages. I tend to receive and I unable to do on that time, so mobile phone helps me a lot to resolve all the problems in few time. Moreover, I remember vividly when I had not phoned even though I missed many opportunities, even phone calls from my client. I faced many problems with my carrier, and even the mobile phone also sorted all the obstacles in my life because of this my performance has substantially. Apart from that I often deal with an international client over the phone call, so I think mobile phone is the most compatible gadget with me which I able to receive all the phones and messages from my client and also enhance my living standard even I also improve my performance last month because I was recognised as a star of the month, so all the credit goes to my company which I got a mobile phone event that is the thing which I got from the company without any single pay penny.

Part 3 Questions Describe Something You Received for Free

Question 1:- Why should companies react quickly when customers have difficulties?

Answer 1:- I believe that customer service should be treated as a god, and if there is an issue with them, then it has to be resolved immediately because only then would they have good feedback and again visit, and Aubrey buys products from their store so in order to have a good impression on everyone it is better to resolve issues immediately.

Answer 2:- There are many factors that companies read quickly when customers save difficulties. The first and foremost reason is that the company doesn’t want to lose its reputation among the users even though they have to provide valuable services to get more customers. Even their company protocol is because some of the companies totally depend on the women and PBM people and they also give a lot of benefits to make the company into the height, so I think these are factors my company look out the problem of the user.

Question 2:- What kind of jobs involve coping with the public?

Answer 1:- Various employment switch has to deal directly with the public; for instance, salespeople’s job is essential in dealing with the people the ones who sell their products, and they have to impress it in the first place tuition jobs their customers.

Answer 2:- Well, they are lots of jobs considered as a coping with the public so job such as customer care marketing value and sales and purchase writing these are jobs are kind of important when we deal with customers only large basis because every company also has a loophole so they can’t be a perfect to the company even recognise the small service to look out every single problem of the customer which they are facing even they also provide all the solution in a proper time manner, so I think these are the jobs while considering and coping with the public.

Question 3:- As a customer, what kinds of services would you expect to receive from a company?

Answer 1:- I would receive an item phone to receive a reasonable and polite the service when I visit a store similarly I would require some kind of deals or discounts for instance when I bought TV I received mobile for free, so I expect these kinds of incentives.

Answer 2:- Even according to my opinion as a customer I receive valuable services from the company even I invest my money me to purchase of that product even I also expect that I would not suffer any kind of problems which I bought that product from the market even I will face any problem definitely company should provide all possible ways we need to sort on appropriate time manner and company would recognise their reputation into heights so able to provide sort of bits of help to customer who buy their products.

Question 4:- What do you think of the relationship between companies and consumers?

Answer 1:- I think the company should think about what custom consumers require and what is currently in the market because based on that, only these people will visit their stores and by-products accordingly, so they should understand what they really need and act upon it.

Answer 2:- So in the term of the relationship between the company and the consumers would be expected to be more and more refined because the customer always buys the products of the company with full of trust even though they also focus on every kind of product in the market, so they need to build trust with them and company also follows all the rules and protocols and provide a valuable product which is worth to customer even company also gives a lot of technology called product and also complete the all the desires of the customers which they need to use in day to day life so I think the relationship between the company that consumers could be strong so it is also important for both of them.

Question 5:- Do you think the value of the gift differs when you purchase something and receive something for free?

Answer 1:- Definitely, there are a plethora of items which we which are different if we buy or spend if we get it for free for instance, I bought a toothpaste yesterday, and it cost around 50 bucks. The product on a shelf was a discount for some other product, and it cost to do only 35 boxes, so I would say that there is a vast difference between the products which we buy ourselves and receive for free.

Question 6:- Do you think people value items more when purchasing them than receiving them as a gift?

Answer 1:- Without any doubt, gives play a significant role in the lives of the people. Even the value of a gift is the age of countless even we never compare the gift with the Levish purchase something from the market, and we receive a something for free because the gift also attaches with emotions when people like to gift something else to the person and also express their feelings with the help of gift, so I think this is the thing should compatible with the gift as well as we purchase from the market.

Answer 2:- Yes, people always give more attention and value when they purchase things from their savings even they know very well how old they must spend their money on test product would definitely they will care with their presence of mind and also keep tidy which they need to use on their day to day life, so I think there is a lot of differences between when we purchase or something and as a got a gift from others.

Question 7:- What kind of public services should be the government offer for free?

Answer 1:- I believe the transportation services must be free of cost because there are new there are underprivileged people who don’t have money to travel as well. Similarly, education must be provided free of cost because it is a fundamental quality because it is fundamental for each and every person.

Answer 2:- We all loads of expects which government need to give up a lot of public services free of cost to their customer even one of the most transportation systems is quite important for every country even government of to invest huge funds on public transport to improve the living standard of people and also have some reduce the environmental problem with you people suffer from in today apart from that some social buildings are quite important in the lifestyle of the people like our library and free toilets even hospital so I think these are the common building would be free of cost for the individual.

Question 8:- Is public transport critical? How could it be improved?

Answer 1:- Travel to their workplaces, colleges or schools, buses and other public facilities so government should take steps to improve these are the transport services by installing air conditions and air conditioner conditions in all the buses similarly it is possible they can provide the freedom for students.

Answer 2:- Public transport plays a significant role in the lifestyle of the people to manage their lifestyle with Kenny mentally even, and lots of people dependent on a public transport and they need to use in day to day to day life because some segment of people doesn’t have their car vehicle, so I think public transport is the most compatible or vehicle for them apart from that government need to invest more money to solve all the public transport over the country even some of the countryside the services of transport not available frequently if local authorities put some money on them improve the infrastructure of the public transport from the city.

Question 9:- How important is free public education?

Answer 1:- Education is important for each and every person because without education of person it is really challenging for a person to survive in this contemporary world, so if a person is unable to get that education, then the government should take steps and provide your cost USA and Canada the formal education is provided to children.

Answer 2:- Pre-primary education is fundamental in granting animals a cess to education; however, in many developing countries, the family often cannot afford to send their children to school, leaving millions of children of school and pride for fabrication, so I think education is one of the most important assets in the lives of the people so they can you mentally interact with them also enhance their living standards because in this modern Alladiya lots of opportunities available in the market they clear all the barriers with the education so it could be only possible once the if the education is free of cost.

Question 10:- What are other public services needed in your country?

Answer 1:- I think they have to be improved a lot because it is right now the connectivity is only for places which are used on a regular basis it does not connect the interior parts of the city so I would say that this improvement has to be done such that people who live in rural areas also nice to travel easily.

Answer 2:- The potential benefits of public services in my country are quite immense. They are lots of factors which government need to contribute to improving the living standard of the people so some of their public services in my country must be crucial and government need to provide to every person, for instance, the please job the doctor and other sorts of public servants are quite important to maintain the name peace in the country, so I think the services must be offered by the government to the people.

Question 11:- Do people always feel happy when receiving free gifts?

Answer 1:- Not really, because sometimes there are situations where the gift might not be useful or beneficial for them to exemplify once I received a box of chocolates when I ordered a cake, and I felt that let’s hope I found it was really not useful for me, so I have to dispose of them away

Answer 2:- Yes, many people always express their feelings when they receive a gift from others. I think it is a favourite part of them when they engage with something else. I think receiving a special gift from others to health city increases happiness and many people feel on cloud nine because their expectation is not only for others even they receive any kind of gift from any moment definitely increase their happiness level and also become delightful.

Question 12:- Why do companies want to give free gifts to people?

Answer 1:- There are so many reasons why they give products free of cost. They want to attract people to buy products similarly. They just want to advertise their items as much as possible, create an intuition for customers that is something this brought in the store then they might come again and again, and their brand values and the store’s brand value will increase automatically.

Question 13:- What do private companies usually donate?

Answer 1:- There might be some goods which are available for long durations, and no one would buy them, so in such scenarios, the private companies would give to the schools in the form of gifts or donations.

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