It Is Important for People to Take Risks, in Both Their Professional Lives and Personal Lives: Writing Task 2

It is important for people to take risks in both their professional lives and personal lives. Do the advantages of taking these risks outweigh the disadvantages?

It is a fact that taking a risk brings immense benefits in personal and professional life even though it becomes crucial for the community to manage their living standards well mannered. Although many see it as a positive phenomenon, it is not a trend without drawbacks. Both the merit and demerit will be discussed before a reasonable conclusion is reached.

The main advantage is that possibilities always bring numerous opportunities to enhance individuals’ living standards. This means that pursuing several ambitions may develop some crucial skills. Which people easily get familiar with other sorts of competitions that need taking a risk helps to give a new direction in life and develop innovative and cognitive skills to define their abilities. The added advantage is that an individual who takes risks also develops a more mature personal relationship that leads young people to efficiently manage their personal life without other interruptions. They enter various places even throughout their earlier age and become a preferred judge of character. For instance, according to a University report in the USA, there are thousands of students who took a risk in every field, which found they are more mature and strong when taking the crucial decision even though they perform better.

Contrarily, taking a risk also leads to negative consequences in both personal and professional lives. In terms of workers, they decide various content with their position in society. Unfortunately, they get failed to acquire that position, thus leading a level of confidence either potential immediately reduced the taking the risk. To be clear, in the business field, when a person takes a risk without considering the further situation for some rewards and finds a good match. However, this may lead to short-term success if they are not able to establish good communication. As a result, it could suffer from drastic problems in future.

In conclusion, taking a risk can improve the stability in both categories, but it also leads to negative effects that people cannot easily tackle.

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