Describe the Place of Great Scenic Beauty that You Recently Visited Cue Card

Describe the Place of Great Scenic Beauty that You Recently Visited

  • What place did you visit?
  • When did you visit it?
  • What did you see?
  • Why did you like it?

I visited a lot of scenic places in my country, and in this modern era, industrialization has made inroads in our lives, and plays with beautiful panoramic views are declining, and one has to visit far-flung places to experience the natural beauty of nature recently, so here I would like to talk about one place that I saw last winter.

It was to mention the previous two years if there was a pandemic, so due to that, we didn’t see many places. After the government released the lockdown, I visited many places because I spent too much time at home and felt very bored. I decided that after the lockdown, I would see many places.

I visited Rajasthan Moundabu; it is located in the nearest Maguza State, Gujarat State. It is about 1000 kilometres from my home, and the things that are very famous in that place are Hill Station and the temples, but the most beautiful scene is on a lake.

Mountains surround the Lake, and there are different kinds of houses on the mountain due to the immense menus. The beauty of the Hill is that the Lake connects all the images with diverse backgrounds.

Mount Abu is clean and gorgeous. Unlike other places in Hill, Hill Station is not overcrowded, and there is not much development here this season. The beauty is in its original shape. It was my third visit to Mount Abu Station, but I feel something new every time I go there.

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Follow-ups: Describe the Place of Great Scenic Beauty that You Recently Visited Cue Card

Question 1:  Why are the places with scenic beauty on a decline?

Answer:- There are many reasons behind this. First of all, industrialization: all countries need companies to grow, which only happens when they have pillars like big industries. To do that, they need environments like water, so only voters are available in these places. Also, population growth is also one of the main reasons the population is growing day by day, and they need accommodation to live.

Question 2: What can the government do to preserve the scenic spots?

Answer:- Prevent this type of situation. The government needs to take action against the industry that destroys this type of place and donate some of its money to support them in their financial situation so they can provide some more facilities in this type of place. With more facilities, people will come more, and it will become more attractive, so there is no industry to destroy this type of place.

Question 3: Are scenic spots good for the nation’s economy?

Answer:- Yes. Would you please attract more people? With that, they get support from financial sources, and with revenue, it can support the national economy. Sri Lanka has many beautiful places, so their economy only depends on 70% of tourism.

Question 4: Can the government create more scenic spots?

Answer:- Yes, the government needs to create these places so that many people are attracted to them, and with that, it will create a good image on the international level of the particular country and also help in a financial situation.

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