Describe the Time When You Had to Sing a Song or a Poem in Front of the Public

Describe the time when you had to sing a song or a poem in front of the public
You should say

  • Where were you
  • What did you sing
  • How did you feel

Sample Answer of Describe the Time When You Had to Sing a Song or a Poem in Front of the Public

Well, it has been aged to recite a poem. Anyhow, I still remember the time when I had to recite a poem and it was Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Actually, I was in 1st standard and I recited it at the annual function of my school. My mother used to tell me that I was an expert in imitating others as my elder brother used to recite with expressions similar I recited at the annual function.
I felt over the moon after receiving a trophy and an appreciation certificate that I still had and I see it often whenever I get fed up. My mother told me that she had made my dress like a star and I won it when I spoke in front of the public. I was expressing myself in a lucid way. All people clapped after listening to my poem. Since then, I participated in many competitions in debate, declamation, and elocution was one of my favorite activities.
Now I feel more confident to talk with anyone and the credit goes to my outspoken nature. So that was the time when I recited a poem confidently in front of people.

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1. Do teenagers and adults enjoy the same kind of songs?

Yes, they listen to almost similar songs. Nowadays jazz, pop music is prevailing so they listen to these more. Moreover, music is a blend of classical and modern style. Similarly, the choice of both these groups has become one.
2. What are the factors that make people like a song?

The music, diction as well as style impress the people to like a song. Nowadays people listen to more of their favorite singers though the song is not of good quality.
3. On which occasions do people in your country sing together?


There are many occasions when people sing together like on marriage birthdays and to celebrate their victory they sing together. In this way, they express their happiness and spend time with each other.
4. Which kinds of songs are suitable for children? Why?

Well, the songs which tell them about their culture and which educate them along with entertainment are really very helpful for the children. Nowadays, children like to listen to more Western songs in order to enhance their linguistic ability.
5. Do you often (like to) sing?

yes, of course, I like to listen to songs whenever I feel tired and I want to entertain myself at that time I listen to songs of my favorite singer. In this way, I remove my monotony.

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